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Bevan Academy

What is the Bevan Academy?

The Bevan Academy for Leadership and Innovation strives to develop Prudent Healthcare and promote better health and healthcare in Wales.

The Bevan Commission identified the need for an Academy to strengthen leadership and innovation in health across Wales and beyond, sharing our excellence and expertise further afield. 

The Academy provides a dynamic learning and development environment to support inspirational leadership, innovative ideas and new ways of working. It promotes open innovation, encouraging people, professionals and organisations to collaborate in a non-competitive environment.

The Academy builds upon core foundations of research, innovation and skills development to help inspire and create a sustainable, prudent and vibrant NHS in Wales. The Bevan Innovators and the Bevan Innovation Hubs play an important part in achieving these objectives.

Bevan Commission Innovators

The Bevan Commission Academy has established the Innovators as a means to help stimulate innovation across organisations, drawing together evidence from innovation, social movements for change and collective leadership.

The Bevan Commission has worked with NHS local Health Boards and Trust to build an Academy of innovators ready to drive change in health and healthcare in Wales.



  • Exemplars and Health Technology Exemplars support the need to strengthen innovation and leadership within NHS Wales to respond to growing demands.
  • Exemplar projects improve NHS Wales’ resource efficiency, health outcomes or patient experience and help put Prudent Healthcare into practice by utilising all available skills and resources effectively.
  • Exemplars are from all areas of healthcare to ensure a fresh, enthusiastic approach and new ways of thinking to the challenges we face.
  • The Commission is working with 27 Exemplars and 18 Health Technology Exemplars.


  • Bevan Fellows are healthcare professionals from across clinical services and academia. They deliver proposals that support local health needs, improve clinical practice and health outcomes via the practical application of the Prudent Healthcare Principles.
  • Bevan Fellows support health boards in attracting and retaining healthcare professionals, thereby supporting the drive to draw top quality staff to Wales.
  • There are currently 4 Bevan Fellows.


  • Bevan Advocates are members of the public (including patients, carers and volunteers) who offer a unique perspective on services, health and wellbeing.
  • Bevan Advocates influence and support the Commission in its work, offering valuable insights in to the ‘real life’ experience of healthcare and health services. Bevan Advocates help influence the wider public through dialogue and discussion, promoting wider engagement with Prudent Healthcare.
  • They also work with Local Health Boards, Exemplars and Fellows to improve health outcomes by providing the public’s perspective on the practical application of the Prudent Healthcare Principles.

The Bevan Academy Innovation Hubs

  • The Central Bevan Innovation Hub is hosted within Swansea University at the School of Management has strong links with the Colleges of Medicine and Human and Health Sciences.

  • It provides a responsive and flexible infrastructure, bringing together diverse ideas to address the challenging issues we face in healthcare today.

  • It will draw together existing resources from across various areas of expertise, including: clinical care; patient experience; prevention; health economics or data and information.

  • The central Bevan Innovation Hub supports local Bevan Innovation Hubs, providing the opportunity for people to come together to solve problems, discuss issues of concern or develop thinking to address key challenges.

  • Each local Bevan Innovation Hub will have a central base within the main hub, but will take the lead on its designated innovation area, testing innovative elements informed by wider expertise.

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