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Bevan Exemplars

The Bevan Exemplars scheme was established in 2015 to help us translate prudent healthcare thinking into practice. Since then we have supported over 140 successful projects to improve health outcomes, patient experiences and resource efficiency in NHS Wales.

Our Bevan Exemplars are big thinkers from every part of the NHS: surgeons, physiotherapists, nurses, GPs, carers, planning managers and porters. They all have something crucial in common: they have an innovative and prudent idea that they want to trial and test out in their own communities, hospitals, GP surgeries and care homes.

The Bevan Exemplars scheme is rapidly gaining widespread recognition across the UK as an excellent model of healthcare innovation, as well as making a significant and positive difference to the lives of patients in Wales.

The scheme provides a unique combination of protected time and space, peer-to-peer networking, credibility of Bevan Commission support and expert mentoring from the Bevan Commissioners.

Bevan Exemplars 2017-18

Seeing the big picture: evaluation of Bevan Exemplars 2017-18

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