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Community Partnerships

It is the belief of the Bevan Commission that good health and care is everyone’s responsibility, not just the NHS, and it is working with community networks to galvanise action at a grassroots level. Explore our current community partnerships below.

National Federation of Women's Institutes: WI in Wales

Women’s Institute (WI) members across Wales are being encouraged to take action for better health and care.

The WI has a long and proud history of campaigning, especially in health matters. Some of the WI’s most notable health campaigns include banning smoking in public places, destigmatising AIDS and increasing the number of midwives in the NHS.

The Bevan Commission is working with WI members on how they can transform the future of the NHS by using services more prudently and acting as wellbeing champions in their workplaces and communities.

The Bevan Commission is providing conversation starters for WI groups including:

  • What are your alternatives to seeing your GP?
  • How do you feel about asking questions and asking for alternatives when you are with a healthcare professional?
  • Do you get involved in the design or delivery of your local health and care services?

A resource pack with in-depth information on using the NHS responsibly and taking action is available to WI members


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