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Prudent Healthcare is ‘everyone’s responsibility’

4th Jul 2017

Prudent healthcare is ‘everyone’s responsibility’ and it needs to be ensured that ‘the people of Wales are proud, informed supporters and the true co-owners of the NHS’, according to the Bevan Commission Research Lead, Dr. Tom Powell.

In a recent article on the IWA (Institute of Welsh Affairs) website, Dr. Powell followed the Bevan Commission’s recent event with International Bevan Commissioner Professor Don Berwick (from Institute for Healthcare Improvement) by emphasising that ‘a better balance between accountability, trust and risk is an essential part of a new NHS culture.’

While promoting the Prudent Healthcare Principles defined by the Commission, Dr. Powell also sought a ‘common vision [to] deliver sustainable services and the necessary skills for the future.

To read the full article, please visit the IWA website.

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