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Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry

The Bevan Commission recognises that alongside its own experts it will need to draw upon the wider expertise and support of other professionals, organisations and industry to ensure that it is fully able to provide the best advice to the Minister for Health and Social Care. The advice provided will need to be firmly underpinned by and consistent with Aneurin Bevan’s core values and the principles further reinforced by the Bevan Commission itself. The Bevan Commission recognises that the ABPI has areas of common interest in the core pursuit of better outcomes for patients and the public, consist with prudent healthcare and its underlying principles.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) below is an expression of how the two parties are prepared to share resources, expertise and know-how, to further commonly agreed objectives. It is presents an expression of both organisation’s desire to be open and transparent about those commonly agreed objectives where they exist. Each organisation will maintain their independence, and acknowledge that there may be issues upon which alignment is not possible or appropriate. In such cases, each organisation will determine their own priorities. Examples of partnership working to date include; a graduate trainee secondment from industry ‎(GSK) to support Bevan Innovator’s scheme; and collaborative work on big data around diabetes care (J&J Pharmacy)

MOU - Memorandum of understanding


ABPI is the trade association for innovative research-based bio-pharmaceutical companies operating in the UK. It has a total of some 150 members comprising full, research and general affiliates. ABPI full members’ research, develop, manufacture and supply more than 90% of the medicines prescribed through the National Health Service.

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