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The Tipping Point: Where next for health and care?

Join us on the 5/6 July for open and honest conversations about the future of our health service.


Celtic Manor, Newport, 5th-6th July 2023 

Bevan Commission programmes are underpinned by the four principles of prudent healthcare

Developed and tested by the Bevan Commission in 2013, the prudent principles sit at the heart of the Welsh Government’s long-term plan for a healthier Wales. The principles will help ensure that Wales and other nations have health and care systems that best meet the needs of their citizens.

Exemplar spotlight

The super-agers project mobilises a regional programme across Cwm Taf Morgannwg to increase physical activity opportunities for older adults in the community. The initiative increased the sense of wellbeing for all those involved.

Elderly people at a community sports event
Photo of Aneurin Bevan
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Illness is neither an indulgence for which people have to pay, nor an offence for which they should be penalised, but a misfortune, the cost of which should be shared by the community.

Aneurin Bevan, NHS Founder

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