2017 Publications

As the leading national think-tank in Wales, our publications reflect our thinking, analysis, and reflections and written collaboratively with Bevan Commissioners and Partners


Bevan Commission - Exploiting the Welsh Health Legacy: A New Way of Thinking

This paper is the first in the series called 'Exploiting the Welsh Health Legacy? which calls for a joined up, prudent and social model of health and care - moving away from the more traditional medical model of care.


Bevan Commission - Evaluation of the Bevan Innovators Exemplar Programme Cohort One 2017

The Bevan Commission (and its subsidiary the Bevan Academy) launched its inaugural Pan-Wales Bevan Commission Exemplar programme. The programme commenced in December 2015 and concluded in December 2016 with the presentation of a poster by each individual/group of sponsored Exemplars.


Bevan Commission - Do we have a Prudent approach to End of Life care?


Bevan Academy for Leadership & Innovation 2016/17 Exemplar Showcase


Bevan Commission - Achieving Profound and Sustainable Improvement in Quality in NHS Wales

This paper is offered to promote further discussion and dialogue along a pathway to seek alternative and if necessary, more radical approaches to achieve profound and irreversible improvement in quality in NHS Wales.

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