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As the leading national think-tank in Wales, our publications reflect our thinking, analysis, and reflections and written collaboratively with Bevan Commissioners and Partners


The Bevan Commission Quality Debate Summary

The Bevan Commission chaired by Professor Sir Mansel Aylward and Helen Howson brought together an expert panel made up of Professor Ewan Macdonald OBE; Sally Swingewood (British Standards Institution); Wendy Dearing & Sally Brooks (National Wales Informatics Service); Baroness Ilora Finlay (Bevan Commissioner) and Dr Neil Bacon (Iwantgreatcare.org). They were joined by an invited audience of from across NHS, Academia, Bevan Advocates, other relevant organisations and Welsh Government.


Bevan Commission - Patient driven solutions to common problems: Education Programmes for Patients (EPP)

The Bevan Commission worked with Swansea University, Gwent Association of Voluntary Organisations (GAVO) and 1000 Lives Improvement to analyse 1,400 patient responses to the Education for Patients Programme (EPP).


Bevan Commission - Measuring healthcare outcomes - a complex system

These joint papers address the way we use data and information in NHS Wales to inform and measure health impact and outcomes. The first paper provides an updated position on the ?Good, the bad and the ugly of data and information in our healthcare system?. The second paper reviews health outcomes in Wales and asks: are we measuring the right things?


Bevan Commission - Exploiting the Welsh Health Legacy: A New Way of Planning

This paper is the second in the series called 'Exploiting the Welsh Health Legacy? which calls for a joined up, prudent and social model of health and care - moving away from the more traditional medical model of care.


Bevan Commission - Exploiting the Welsh Health Legacy: A New Way of Doing

This paper describes how we can drive and embed prudent health and care in Wales by building upon existing initiatives, using established networks to engage wider views and collaborating further with others to use the knowledge, experience and expertise of people and organisations including universities, industry and agencies.


Bevan Commission - A Workforce Fit for Future Health and Care

A new Bevan Commission report on the health and care workforce of Wales recommends that traditional roles must undergo a rapid transformation to keep pace with the needs of patients and communities.


Bevan Commission - A Powerful Force For Change In Wales

The Bevan Exemplar programme has increased the confidence, capability and capacity for change and innovation in Wales. Read more about Professor Nick Rich's evaluation of Cohort 2 of the Bevan Exemplar programme.


Bevan Commission - A note on the first Public Meeting hosted by the Bevan Commission

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