2020 Publications

As the leading national think-tank in Wales, our publications reflect our thinking, analysis, and reflections and written collaboratively with Bevan Commissioners and Partners


Bevan Commission- A Prudent Approach to Primary Care: Covid-19 Supplement

The Bevan Commission worked with the RCGP to set out their conclusions on ‘A Prudent Approach to Primary Care’. Whilst this was undertaken pre Covid-19, the recommendations still stand; indeed, many have been reinforced even further through Covid-19. This publication is an addendum to this, focusing specifically on the impact of Covid-19 within primary care.


Bevan Commission- Delivering a Prudent Approach to Primary Care in Wales

This paper was developed in partnership between the Bevan Commission and RCGP Wales, looking at how we ensure we have ‘prudent Primary Care’ in Wales.


Bevan Commission- Valuing Governance- Building a Mature Governance Model (Developing ‘Grown-up’ governance)

In this second guest paper from Jan Williams and Steve Combe, they reflect on the reasons for governance failures and look at what is required to build a mature governance model in an organisation.


Bevan Commission- Covid 19 Intelligence Series: Data collection, collation and communication

This paper summarises the role and limits of science in terms of determining what the best course of action is with regard to managing Covid-19 and highlights and what is currently known about Covid-19 risk factors.


Bevan Commission - Covid-19 Summary Paper

This paper, prepared as a briefing document for the June Bevan Commission plenary looks at the learning to date across six areas


Bevan Commission - Valuing Governance - Resetting the Dial

The governance of public bodies are under the spotlight more than ever. In this opinion piece, Steve Combe, Independent Governance Consultant, and Jan Williams, Chair of Public Health Wales, argue that there is too much reliance being placed on formal governance architecture.


Bevan Commission - Transformation from within: Bevan Exemplar Programme Cohort Four Evaluation Summary

Professor Nick Rich's evaluation of Cohort 4 of the Bevan Exemplar programme demonstrates a strong appetite for positive transformation across NHS Wales.


Bevan Commission: an essential resource for Covid-19 and beyond

The Bevan Commission's workplan response to the Covid-19 pandemic.


Bevan Commission - Patient Powered Safety: Reducing harm through co-production with patients

How can we avoid harm coming to patients and what role can patients and relatives play in this? This question was the focus of a two day conference ?People Powered Safety Symposium? held in Bangor, North Wales that resulted in some fascinating discussions and moving, impactful testimonies from people which highlighted how the public can play a key role in reducing and preventing harm. The conference was attended by citizens, active patient representatives, senior doctors from a number of clinical specialties and representatives of the NHS and Health Education and Improvement Wales (HEIW). This paper provides a summary of the event, captured by authors Dr Chris Subbe, School of Medical Sciences, Bangor and Dr Robert Royce, Researcher, Bevan Commission.


Bevan Commission - Engaging with the Public ? a conversation on sustaining a prudent approach to health and care

The Bevan Commission held series of engagement events to explore the views and experiences of the public across a range of health and care matters including responsibility, funding and priorities. This report summarises the findings and highlights key areas to be addressed.


Bevan Commission - COVID-19: Caring for a dying relative at home

This guidance has been produced to help support people who are caring for someone who is dying at home from COVID-19 infection


Bevan Exemplar Projects 2018-19

A showcase compendium of Bevan Exemplar projects from 2018-19


Bevan Commission - Achieving Profound and Sustainable Improvement in Quality in Wales: An update and call for urgent action

In this update of its 2017 discussion paper which examined the issues related to achieving profound and sustainable improvements in quality, the Bevan Commission reiterates the call for more radical solutions and an independent and externally validated quality system across health and care in Wales.

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