Our priorities

The Welsh Government have asked the Bevan Commission to prioritise work across three key themes for 2021.

Theme 1: an open discussion on Covid-19 challenges

The Bevan Commission will undertake an all-party and key stakeholder engagement programme to raise the level and quality of the debate in partnership with other key agencies representing clinicians, managers, service users and the public. This will take the form of a series of ‘hands-on’ webinars, seminars, panel discussions and or debates, taking the opportunity to work in partnership with other national organisations.

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Theme 2: Bringing care ‘closer to home’ as part of Covid-19 recovery efforts

The Bevan Commission will act as an enabler to speed up, inform and support the systematic development of ideas and new models of care orientated towards Covid-19 recovery and the sustainability of services that can meet the changing needs of the population in Wales. The Bevan Commission will identify a small number of priority areas for accelerated and sustainable shift in services from hospital to community, making the most use of digital / technology as an enabler at an all Wales level. This activity will draw from examples of good practice and new models of care inside and outside of Wales. The Bevan Commission will produce a series of products including practical ‘how-to reports’ to inform wider work.

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Theme 3: new ways of working to address backlog and waiting lists

A review of the evidence will identify opportunities proven to be successful elsewhere. This theme will target a number of key areas that will bring the most impact and value to patients, professionals and the system itself. As part of this, a series of practical ‘how-to reports’ will be produced to inform and support widespread application of the lessons learnt.

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