Adopt and Spread (A&S) Programme

We work across Wales and share our learning nationally and globally

The Bevan Commission, working in collaboration with health organisations are testing approaches for the adoption and spread of innovation. Building on our work over the last 5 years with the Bevan Exemplar Innovations, we are excited to announce the new cohort of innovators and adopters in the brand new Adopt and Spread (A&S) Programme 2020. This programme is supported with funding by the Welsh Government.

Summary Information

  • 15 Exemplar projects are participating in the A&S Programme in Wales following an open call between August and December 2019.

  • 46 Innovation Adoption sites started working in January 2020 to take on the work of the Exemplars to make a difference in their team and organisations.

  • Over 95 participating staff (innovators and adopters) are being supported by the Bevan Commission with bespoke training, development and networking sessions. They work in their project teams based across 9 health and care organisations (including all the seven Health Boards) in Wales.

  • The project teams are being supported by Adopt and Spread Leads, coaches/mentors and partner organisations including Life Sciences Hub Wales, NHS Wales Finance Academy, Accelerate, AgorIP, NHS Wales Informatics Service, NHS Wales Finance Delivery Unit, and Swansea University

For more information

Please contact the Adopt and Spread Team for more information by email.

Key Timelines (amended due to COVID-19)

August 2019 – Adopt and Spread Programme launch and recruitment

November 2019 – Shortlisting for adopters and innovators with selection confirmed

December 2019 - Participating projects recruited

January 2020 to March 2021 - Bespoke training, development and networking sessions with coaching/mentoring initiated and in place for 12 months with an additional 3 months due to COVID-19 disruptions

April 2021 – Closing of the Programme with celebration of success

February 2021 - April 2021 - Working with Health Boards to release Innovation Adoption and Spread resources and toolkits as part of sharing the lessons learnt and for wider impact

February 2021 to May 2021 – Evaluation with learn and share sessions

June 2021 - Publication of the Adopt and Spread Programme Final Report and closing of the programme

Workshops and online events coming up

  • The Psychology of Data Visualisation - Session 1
    Online Event
  • The Psychology of Data Visualisation - Session 2
    Online Event
  • Ways to Protect Your Work Workshop
    Online Event
  • Adopt and Spread: Celebration Event
    Bevan Commission
  • Adopt and Spread: Network Event 6
    Online Event
  • Business Case Development Workshop
    Available online
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