Bevan Fellows & Senior Fellows

Bevan Fellows are health and care professionals, clinicians, managers, and doctors in training who want to influence and make a difference in leading change and transformation through their work. They help to bridge the gap between clinical services and academia by taking a practical and action based approach in leading and driving change supported by research, evidence, education and training to demonstrate impact.

Catalysing and demonstrating change and innovation is essential in supporting a dynamic and sustainable health and care system for the future. As a Fellow your insight and knowledge will contribute to the breadth and depth of knowledge of the Bevan Commission when providing strategic and policy advice to the Minister for Health and Social Services.

Bevan Fellows learn by doing – in doing so you contribute to creating new knowledge through your work that advances and informs new services, techniques, methods and approaches consistent with prudent health and care.

Bevan Fellows address and support local health needs, improve clinical practice and health outcomes via the practical application of the Prudent Healthcare Principles.

To support participation at the right level, there are two Fellows cohorts:

Bevan Fellows will normally inform practice or process development, often at local level, and within their speciality. They will usually be individuals who are early in their careers who are keen to explore opportunities to broaden their perspectives, work and thinking.  Bevan Fellows will be seeking develop their portfolio of experiences, build their skills and capabilities, and looking to formalise their Continuous Professional Development.

Bevan Senior Fellows will normally be more advanced in their careers, have cross-organisational or pan-Wales responsibilities and seek wider opportunities to influence and impact upon national, regional policy or strategy.

“The Bevan Fellowship affords those who participate some much needed time to focus on important projects, and to meet others with similar outlooks and ambitions.  We ignore collaborative work at our peril, and schemes like the Bevan Fellowship ensures to remind us that together we can achieve much more.”

Dr Mark Taubert, Bevan Fellows Steering Group

“To have this type of peer support and critical friends is really important when you are pushing for something that might be out of most peoples’ comfort-zone.”

Dr Chris Subbe, Bevan Fellows Steering Group

How to apply

To apply, fill in the application form and submit by email. Please read the guidance document for more details when completing your application

Further information

If you would like to find out more, please email


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