Bevan Exemplar Cohort 8

Driving change in challenging times

This year’s Bevan Exemplar Programme call ‘Driving Change in Challenging Times’ challenges applicants to develop prudent and innovative solutions to overcome issues facing the sustainable delivery of health and care services in Wales. Applications are encouraged around the following themes, aligned with Welsh Government and NHS Wales priorities:

We would also welcome other applications consistent with your organisation’s priorities.

What are Bevan Exemplars?

Bevan Exemplars are health and care professionals from across Wales who are supported by the Bevan Commission to develop, test, and evaluate their own innovative ideas, which aim to transform how we deliver health and care services across Wales. These ideas (Bevan Exemplar projects) may include; new products, processes or services, new ways of working, new service delivery models or interventions, novel skills development initiatives or other innovative approaches to delivering change.

What is the Bevan Exemplars programme?

The Bevan Exemplar Programme, delivered by the Bevan Commission and kindly supported by the NHS Health Boards and Trusts across Wales, supports health and care professionals to take their prudent and innovative ideas and translate them into practice to drive positive change across health and care systems in Wales.

Our 12-month ‘try out and test’ approach provides training, mentorship, and a supportive environment to challenge current thinking, develop skills and confidence, and provide expert insight, to enable our Exemplars to become change leaders, transforming health and care services across Wales from within.

Over the last seven years, the Bevan Exemplar programme has supported over 300 different innovation projects, spanning a diverse array of specialisms and is now preparing to welcome its eighth cohort. Previous cohorts of Exemplars have demonstrated significant success and delivered demonstrable positive impact, with many of our Exemplar projects being recognised on the national and international stage and receiving awards and other accolades.

What support does the Bevan Exemplars Programme offer participants?

The Bevan Exemplar Programme provides a comprehensive package of training and support for Exemplars to try out, test and evaluate their new ideas. This includes:

Who can apply to the programme?

Applications to the Bevan Exemplar Programme are open to anyone who has an innovative project idea working in health and social care across NHS Wales, Local Authorities, and the Voluntary Sector. ​ However, projects must be supported by an NHS Wales Health Board or Trust.

What are the timelines for applying to the programme?

Key Activity:Date:
Call for Applications Open01/11/2022
Information Briefing Session 130/11/2022
Information Briefing Session 216/01/2023
Call for Applications Closes (11:59pm)26/01/2023
Programme Begins07/03/2023

How do I apply to the Bevan Exemplar Programme?

To apply for Cohort 8 of the Bevan Exemplar programme, applicants are encouraged to follow the process outlined below. All final applications to the programme must be submitted using the Online Submission Form, which can be found at the top of this page.

Application process:

Guidance and Information for Applicants:

To support applicants throughout the application process, the Bevan Commission have produced a detailed Application Guidance Document, which can be found linked at the top of this page. We would encourage applicants to consider the information provided within this document carefully prior to submitting their project proposal.

Alongside the Application Guidance Document, applicants are also advised to consider the Application Template Form (Word), which is provided to support the planning of your project proposal prior to submission using the Online Application Form by at latest 11:59pm on the 26th of January 2023.

The Bevan Commission will also be running two Information Briefing Sessions, which aim to provide interested parties with the opportunity to learn more about the programme and ask any questions they might have. The dates and links for the Information Briefing Sessions can be found below and you can also sign up using the links provided at the top of this page.

Contacting your Innovation/Organisational Lead:

It is imperative that any project applications are discussed and supported by your Line Manager and Local Innovation Lead prior to submission. All applications must be approved at an organisational level if they are to proceed to the programme selection panel. Information about your Local Innovation Lead can be found in the Application Guidance Document and in the table below.           

Organisation:Health Board Lead:Lead Contact Information:
ABUHBAdele Cahill Dale
HDUHBElin Brock
WASTDr. Nigel

Previous Exemplar Projects:

Applicants are also encouraged to take time to review the Bevan Commission’s library of previous Bevan Exemplar projects, which will provide insight and context relating to the information outlined in this call for applications. These can be found below.

Contact Details:

If you have any questions relating to the Bevan Exemplar programme and/or your application, please don’t hesitate to contact the Bevan Commission’s Innovation Lead, Dr. Tom Howson, on or otherwise contact the Bevan Commission on