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Bevan Exemplars

Join the Bevan Exemplar Programme (Cohort 7) to try out and test your idea. Applications open now (till 11.59pm 22 July).  

Exemplars ‘Doing Things Differently’ for a Prudent Sustainable Recovery

Cohort 7 call is open and receiving applications. Want to join in? Read the guidance, talk to your colleagues and local innovation lead, and come along to one of our information briefings to find out more: 

Session 1 - 16th of June (10am - 11am) - Register

Session 2 - 1st July (1pm - 2pm) - Register

Session 3 - 13th July (3pm - 4pm) - Register


The closing date for receiving your application for review by your Health Board/organisation lead is (closing 11.59pm, 22 July 2021).


We will work with the participating organisations and a selection panel in August 2021 to make the final selection. Successful applicants will start on 30 September 2021.

Please make contact with your local innovation/improvement lead and your line manager if you are interest in taking part. Your innovation local lead can help you shape your application prior to your submission. 

Download the Cohort 7 Call out, Application Questions, and submit your application online by 11.59pm on 22 July 2021.

Doing Things Differently for a Prudent Sustainable Recovery?

This year, we encourage ideas and projects to be aligned with:

  • Working in different ways and with different people

  • Using digital and technological solutions to do things differently

  • A different approach to reduce waste and achieve sustainable health and care without harm

  • Cutting bureaucracy, empowering people and managing shared risks 

  • Developing innovative actions around shared priorities, such as reaching the hard to reach groups

  • Collaborating to make the most of all skills and resources and doing only what’s needed

  • Priorities consistent within local organisations and collaborative working

  • The ideas may include innovative products, processes, services, ways of working, models or interventions, and skills development across health and social care.

The Cohort 7 call is people working in Health Boards, Local Governments and Regional Partnership Boards. Support for the Bevan Exemplars comes with thanks from the Health Boards and Trusts in Wales and Social Care Wales. 


Setting out expectations

The Bevan Exemplars will be supported through a 12 month programme with peer learning, tailored workshops and training, and mentoring. They will also be supported for measurement and evaluation to provide evidence of effectiveness and impact during this programme and an opportunity to showcase their work nationally with a digital publication and an end of programme presentation. 

Exemplars should expect their organisations to:

  • encourage and support them to take part in Exemplar events and activities and give them the time to do so,

  • be fully committed to supporting them to deliver their project and provide supporting resources,

  • help them to overcome challenges or obstacles to delivery. 


Exemplars should expect the Bevan Commission to provide:

  • a programme of knowledge, skills and leadership development,

  • tailored network events and encourage peer support networks,

  • coaching and mentoring and support to resolve delivery issues.


The Commission will help make connections to expert leaders through Bevan Commissioners and other senior leaders in health and care. It will also provide a platform to promote and publicise the Exemplars’ work widely, work with you and your organisation to identify an Executive Sponsor if you don't already have one.

We expect Exemplars to:

  • fully commit to participating in the events and networking (up to 6 days),

  • promote Prudent Health & Care and publicise their work as Bevan Exemplar.

  • provide feedback and evaluate the impact and outcomes of their work,

  • act as a champion for the Bevan Commission and its work, the Exemplar programme, and innovation activities in health and care,

  • provide updates and reports to the Bevan Commission, Executive Sponsor and your organisation as required,

  • to inform the Bevan Commission’s and your organisation's work.​

Are you ready to join? We think you are if you have an innovative idea that is ready for testing. Put some ideas on paper, talk to your local innovation lead, and then complete the application form so that they can see your full application. 


Want to find out more about the previous cohorts. Read the Evaluation report for Cohort 4. Find out more about all the Exemplar Showcases (Cohorts 1 - 5). ​

Cohort 6 will be presenting online on 30 June 2021. Watch out for registration details.
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Closing 11.59pm, 22 July 2021

This is your opportunity to try out and test your new ideas to support a prudent and sustainable recovery in the transformation of health, wellbeing and social care across Wales. Join the Information Briefing Session to find out more and work through your ideas.