Bevan Exemplar Programme: Fast-track

Applications are invited for this year’s Bevan Exemplar programme.

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Bevan Exemplars

Translating prudent healthcare into practice

Is there a theme?

This year, we’re looking for prudent, innovative solutions to:

  • COVID 19

  • Embedding or building on new ways of working

  • Dealing with the backlog tsunami

  • Community and Social Care

  • Climate smart healthcare

  • Wellbeing

What sort of projects can I put forward?

  • Ideas that improve health outcomes for people and patients;

  • Ideas that deliver more prudent solutions;

  • Products, Services, Role Changes, New ways of working, Models, Methods, Practices, Improved knowledge or skills;

  • Can be fast tracked – tested/delivered within a 6-9 month period.

What will I get from joining the Bevan Exemplar programme?

Exemplars should expect the Bevan Commission to:

  • Provide a programme of knowledge, skills and leadership development;

  • Provide tailored network events and encourage peer-support networks;

  • Provide coaching and mentoring;

  • Provide support to resolve delivery issues;

  • Facilitate access to expert leaders through Bevan Commissioners;

  • Provide a platform to promote and publicise the Exemplars’ work widely;

  • Identify an Executive Sponsor.

What level of commitment is needed?

We expect Exemplars to:

  • Fully commit to participating in the Bevan Exemplar programme of events and networking (up to 6 days);

  • Promote and champion Prudent Health & Care;

  • Publicise and promote their work as Bevan Exemplar;

  • Provide feedback and evaluate the impact and outcomes of their work (A3);

  • Act as a champion for the Bevan Commission & Exemplar programme;

  • Provide updates and reports to the Bevan Academy as required;

  • Inform the Bevan Commission’s work and thinking.

How will my health board/ organisation support me?

Exemplars should expect their organisations to:

  • Encourage and support them to take part in Exemplar events and activities and give them the time to do so;

  • Be fully committed to supporting them to deliver their project;

  • Help them to overcome challenges or obstacles to delivery.

How do I apply?

You will need to complete our application form and gain the approval of your manager and innovation lead.

Oliver Blocker

“The Bevan Exemplar programme developed me as a clinical leader. It provided the training, network and skills to work with colleagues to make changes I would not have been able to make on my own”  

Working at Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board


Donna Egbeare

“I couldn’t have done my project without the Bevan Commission. They’ve opened doors and given lots of support to meet the right people and put things in the right places”

Working at Cardiff and Vale University Health Board

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