Forging a Better Future for Health and Care in Wales: What have you learnt from Covid-19?

The Bevan Commission are considering what actions Wales needs to take in health and social care in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.

To ensure we get a broad perspective and insight into the core issues for the future for health and care in Wales, the Commission wishes to engage the views of our networks and wider public.

We are looking for people to support this work by completing the questions below and attending our consultation event.

Please respond to the following two questions

Based upon what you have learnt from Covid-19:

  1. What needs to change?

  2. What will help make this happen?


Please submit your responses by completing the Google Docs form, or reply by email at bevan-commission@swansea.ac.uk 


Take part in our consultation event

Register to attend the event here.

Thank you for your valuable input into our work.


Further information

The Bevan Commission as the leading think tank for Health and Care in Wales has been actively following the Covid-19 pandemic and analysing, interpreting and commenting upon ongoing issues relating to Covid-19. Its most recent papers have taken advice from its wider networks to provide guidance on the most urgent actions needed to prevent and/ or effectively manage any further Covid-19 outbreaks.


This work builds upon our work undertaken to date with a view to inform longer term planning and recovery across Wales. It recognises that much has happened through Covid-19 and there is much to learn and to build upon from these experiences which we would like to capture. The pandemic will have also enabled many the time to reflect and think about not only the issues that were of concerns through the crisis, but also to take stock of wider potential opportunities and developments. We welcome wider views and insights to contribute to our thinking to Forge a Better Future for Health and Care in Wales.