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Doing Things Differently: our tough choices for health and care in Wales 2021 and beyond.

What will you do differently?


This the question the Commission has been asking a range of people across Wales as part of an important programme of work looking at the tough choices ahead for health and care in Wales as it continues to respond to, recover from and refocus after Covid 19.

We know from detailed research we’ve carried out that there are huge challenges ahead including the rise in waiting times, tackling the backlog, deciding which care is given to whom and when, and the socio-economic impact on health and wellbeing. 

We’ve reached out to engage with health and social care professionals, third sector, politicians, patients, the media and the public for a series of online events to socialise the issues facing health and care and discuss ideas and solutions for the future.

Five online discussion events have been held in January, February and March with participants representing clinicians, front line staff, managers, patients and the public.

More than 750 people from across Wales attended and engaged in the events which we delivered in partnership with the Welsh NHS Confederation, the Institute of Welsh Affairs, Social Care Wales and the Board of Community Health Councils Wales.

The first two events on January 26 and 27, focused on how to manage the backlog of care and what services could be transferred from hospitals into the community.
Event one featured a wide range of participants from across health and social care and event two was a discussion with an expert group of clinicians.
The three panel discussion events that followed this featured a range of participants from organisations across Wales and audience questions and comments.
Our event on February 4 looked at the wider picture, outside of the NHS itself, that is having a big impact on population health and wellbeing including; unemployment, poverty, inequality, social care and mental health. 

The February 11 event looked at the key issue of supply and demand and how this impacts all care; primary, secondary and social.  It also looked at how we make health and care services more prudent and how we need to do things differently, providing care closer to home. 

Ahead of the Senedd election, the fifth event of the series on March 4 invited the health and care spokespeople from each of the political parties in Wales – Vaughan Gething MS, Angela Burns MS and Rhun ap Iorwerth MS - to answer key questions about the difficult decisions to be made and set out their manifesto commitments.

The Doing Things Differently series has raised awareness and facilitated an important discussion about the challenges ahead, and the need for change, which will inform our future work. 
We will now be considering and evaluating the discussions and feedback, and will produce an initial report.
We are then planning on continuing these important discussions post–election with three further Doing Things Differently events. These will focus on the use of technology, the people’s voice in shaping the future of health and care, and an international perspective on the challenges and solutions ahead.
Watch this space for more details!

The impact of Coronavirus in Wales has been devastating and things will never be the same again. As we recover and look to the future we have to work together to do things differently. Watch our video Doing Things Differently to find out more.

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Working closely with our partners

We're delivering this series of events in partnership with the Institute of Welsh Affairs, the Welsh NHS Confederation, Social Care Wales and the Community Health Councils in Wales.