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Challenge, change and champion for better health and care

Bevan Commission Intensive Learning Week

29 November – 3 December 2021 • Online

Whether you are new to health and social care, or currently working to innovate and transform services, this is your chance to work with leaders in health and social care to get ready for 2022 and even 2030.

A fully online week delivered in partnership with the All-Wales Intensive Learning Academy for Innovation in Health and Social Care.


Change is not easy. This programme will help you get moving faster, working with people who care about making a difference.

Bring your energy, enthusiasm and expertise and equip yourself with the tools and techniques to develop and lead your own health and care transformation project.

  • A varied and interactive programme, delivered online

  • Apply your learning to develop your own workplace transformation project

  • Scholarships available for health and care professionals in Wales*


Focussing on innovation and transformation, this intensive learning week provides a unique opportunity for you to take time out to challenge, change and champion the way you think and work with others to improve your health and care system. You will have time to work with a case scenario brought from your local context, by immersing yourself in a range of topics, issues and practical tasks and apply the insights and learning with other like-minded people and the course delivery team.

Through our varied and highly interactive programme, this five-day learning week will include a mix of presentations, case-studies, discussion panels, virtual on-site visits, small discussion and working group sessions and coaching. This concentrates all your learning into one consolidated week, preparing you to re-enter the workplace invigorated and equipped with new ideas and a fresh perspective.

Who should attend?

This intensive learning week is aimed at:

  • Front-line health and care workers working in organisations, Third Sector, Charities and NGOs.

  • Health and care service managers.

  • People working in companies or organisations on health and care-related products, services or priorities.

  • Students, volunteers, carers, and patient representatives with an interest in health and care.


Whether you are new to health and care, learning or working to support excellent care for people living in your communities, or involved in wider industries to support the development and adoption of new, innovative solutions or ways of working, this week is your chance to take a step back, create headroom for thinking and reflecting on your situation and others and get ready for the next year, or the next few years.


Sessions will take place online over five days (9am to 5pm GMT) with a chance to work through a challenge or change area. This is your chance to focus in, learn and get support. All participants will receive a certificate for completing the full week.

Develop your knowledge in health service transformation

We have brought together thinking and expertise from across the Bevan Commission into a concentrated format to enable an intensive learning experience. We will start with an introduction to the policy and practice context understanding the dynamics and key players involved and alongside the practical considerations of how co-production and tested approaches can be used to achieve change. Using a mix of presentations, discussion panels, virtual on-site visits and practical case studies and activities, you will learn about the current and future context for health and social care and the innovation potential and ecosystems. Working through core topics such as transformational leadership, behavioural and communication sciences, and wider opportunities to influence decisions.


Experience facilitated discussion sessions and coaching from recognised experts

The week will be delivered online through facilitated live sessions, as well as individual and group activities. If you are joining as a team, you will get a choice to work together or to work separately with others to get a fresh perspective. There will be panels, leaders, tutors, lecturers, coaches, and facilitators available to work alongside you.

At the start and end of each day, there will be a chance to check-in and receive support on your own case scenario. Best of all, you will get your own space and time to accelerate your thinking towards the solutions and how best to take them forward in the near and distant future.

Apply shared expertise and your own learning to your own situation

As a future transformational leader, you will also have an opportunity to explore the leadership challenges further engaging directly with senior international leaders and the Bevan Commissioners. Exposure to different care settings and approaches will help challenge assumptions and traditional thinking in order to create a sustained impact.

This rich learning environment will provide a testbed to nurture and develop new ideas and solutions by actively working through the case scenario you bring along as well as the wider barriers you may face and facilitators you can utilise.

How do I book my place?

  • Bookings will be made via the Bevan Commission's Eventbrite page.

  • Click the ‘Ticket’ button and select the applicable ticket option and proceed to the checkout.

  • Should you be eligible for the scholarship, please select the ‘Eligible for a scholarship in Wales’ ticket option and complete all the questions on the Eventbrite form. The team will use the information provided to verify your eligibility for the scholarship.

  • You will be contacted via email ( to confirm your eligibility has been checked and your ticket has been confirmed.

Should you have any questions of queries about the scholarship, please contact us on the following email address:


Fees are banded and based on where people are working:

Band 1: Working in the private sector organisations is £950 per person.

Band 2: Working in the public sector is £750 per person however, scholarships** are available for people working in Wales (see below for detail).

Band 3: Working in the Third sector, charities and eligible NGOs is £350 per person, however scholarships** are available for people working in Wales (see below for detail).

Band 4: Working in lower and lower-middle income economies (as defined by the World Bank) is £250 per person.

Band 5: Registered as students and people with an interest in supporting change in health and care with a role as volunteer, carer, or patient representative, or proof of low income is £250 per person.

** Individuals who work in health, social care and the third sector in Wales will have their fees covered in full by a scholarship provided by the Welsh Government. Scholarships are available from the All-Wales Intensive Learning Academy for Innovation in Health and Social Care to people working in health and care in Wales (NHS Wales, Local Authority Services, Social Care Organisation and Third Sector organisations).

Please note that special discounts are available for group bookings. Contact us for more information.

Refunds will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


The All-Wales Intensive Learning Academy for Innovation in Health and Social Care has designed programmes for senior and aspiring leaders in driving innovation within health and social care systems, processes and technologies, and supporting them in adopting these approaches in their organisations.

We are able to offer several full-fee scholarships for our Intensive Learning Week to professionals from across Wales, working within the following:

  • NHS Wales

  • Local Authority Social Services

  • Social Care Organisations in Wales

  • Third Sector organisations in Wales

Eligibility criteria

  • Applicants will have requested their Intensive Learning Week 2021 ticket via the Eventbrite booking form, selecting the ‘Eligible for a scholarship in Wales’ ticket option.

  • Applicants must be currently working with/for either the National Health Service, the Health Care, Social Care or Voluntary Sectors in Wales, and

  • Have confirmation of support signed by their employer using the proforma provided by the University (sent to you after the Eventbrite registration)

  • The scholarship will cover the Intensive Learning Week event fee and applicants will not be eligible for other fee scholarships or bursaries.

View the ‘How to book my place’ information for details on how the scholarship will be applied.

What is a workplace transformation project?

For Intensive Learning Week 2021 it's a health or care challenge is an area of work related to health and care that may require innovative solutions, doing things differently, or actions relating to de-commissioning or stopping/replacing the current ways of working.


Professor Sir Mansel Aylward

“Innovation is of extreme importance to health and care, if there was no innovation there are no advances.. Come forward now to continue to play your part” (Chair, Bevan Commission)