Let’s Not Waste

Everyone can play a part in helping to reduce waste.  The Bevan Commission is establishing the Let’s Not Waste network to provide a focus and concerted effort to achieving demonstratable reduction in waste in health and care, and you are invited to join this network.

The Let’s Not Waste network will be a national platform to share ideas, good practice and collaborate on developing waste reduction solutions. This opportunity is open to all those actively tackling waste in health and care, as well as those who would like to learn more about this timely and often misunderstood issue.

What a Waste!

Our publication What a Waste! Understanding inappropriate waste in health and social care sets out, in detail, the issues and challenges that waste presents in health and social care.

Background and context

How can we minimise waste in all its forms across the health and social care sector?

The health and social care system in Wales is facing unprecedented challenges in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, a cost-of-living crisis and the global climate emergency. In response, we must develop innovative ways to use all available resources more efficiently.  Reducing waste is a central aspect of the Welsh Government’s Decarbonisation Plan to achieve a net zero public sector by 2030.


About the Let’s Not Waste Programme

The Let’s Not Waste programme will focus upon three main aspects to help secure the necessary changes including:

The programme will be evolutionary and iterative to ensure we are sharing existing good practices and building upon innovative ideas as they evolve. It will provide a focus and concerted effort to engage people within their workplaces and communities, in achieving demonstrable reductions in waste. It will also create a network of working groups in Wales and draw on the innovative ideas of Bevan Exemplars, to catalyse a wider movement for change across health and care systems and services.


Programme Delivery

The programme will run from September 2022 to September 2024.

This information provides a brief introduction at the start of the programme.  For further details or to share ideas on reducing waste, please contact the Bevan Commission Team.


Launch Webinar

On 19 April 2023, we were delighted to be joined by 220 health and care professionals from across Wales to launch this programme. We were joined by some fantastic speakers including Health Minister Eluned Morgan, Professor Sir Don Berwick, Professor Sir Andy Haines and Richard Smith. Please see these speakers’ presentations below.


Professor Sir Don Berwick on waste in health and care

Professor Sir Andy Haines on waste in health and care

Dr Richard Smith on waste in health and care