Bevan Advocates join together at Swansea network development event


Bevan Advocates are members of the public, patients, carers and volunteers, who provide insights into real, lived experiences of health and care to help the Commission in its aims to secure more prudent and sustainable services to ensure it best meets the needs of people in Wales.

Wales’ leading think tank will be discussing and listening to ways in which its  Advocates can help shape change by sharing and developing their ideas and insights to make a meaningful difference for people who use the system.

Key areas include as prudent health and care, service transformation, rights and responsibilities, leadership and ideas about how to improve the quality of health and care services at both a local and national level.

Bevan Commission Director Helen Howson said, “We are really looking forward to meeting with our Bevan Advocates to hear more about their valuable insights and experiences of the health and care system.

“We welcome their support, and ideas on how we might develop more prudent and sustainable solutions for the future together.

“We want to engage their energy, enthusiasm and commitment to ensure we are meeting the needs of people and not just the needs of the system across Wales’.

The two day event will provide an opportunity for the Advocates to meet each other as well as the Bevan Commission team and Commissioners, who provide expertise from across all areas of health and care.

The agenda aims to achieve the following;

Bevan Advocate Nia Campbell, who is attending the event, said, “I’m really looking forward to meeting the other Advocates in person and discuss ways in which we can use our personal experiences, knowledge and skills to help inform future plans.

“We all have our own ideas about how we can help the Bevan Commission improve health and social care in Wales based on our experiences, from transport to communication. This is a great opportunity to share these ideas and develop ourselves so we can support the work of the Commission and hopefully make a real difference to services provided across Wales.”

As well as providing valuable insights into authentic experiences of the health and care system, Advocates also provide comment on Commission documents and reports, provide opinion pieces for the Commission website, attend focus groups and propose innovative ideas and solutions.

The Bevan Advocates Network was established in 2016 and has 25 members from across Wales to date.

The Commission welcomes new Advocates who are passionate about the NHS and have innovative ideas they would like to contribute. Further details can be found on the Bevan Commission website.