Bevan Commission Masterclass: Leadership and Influencing


Leadership and Influencing is the focus of the latest Bevan Commission Masterclass which will be led by Bevan Commissioner Lt General Louis Lillywhite on Thursday February 13 2020.

Louis will be sharing his considerable experience and expertise which spans over 42 years in the army including posts as Consultant Occupational Physician, Command of the Army’s Parachute Medical Unit and Director General of the Army Medical Services.

Since retirement from the Army he has worked in a number of roles including as a Senior Research Consultant for the Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House), past President of the Medical Society of London, and Chair of the Welsh Government Research & Development Strategy Group.

He has been a member of the Bevan Commission since its inception and has a keen interest in the impact of good leadership and the difference in can make in a health and care setting.

Louis said, “I’m really looking forward to hosting this Bevan Masterclass on leadership and influencing and hearing from the audience about their own examples and experiences.

“I will be considering the differences between leadership and management and using my own experiences in the army to illustrate this.

“I’m keen to share my observations on how you can change or influence decisions and hoping this will stimulate a challenging debate.”

The interactive Masterclass will be held at Sophia Gardens Cricket Ground in Cardiff from 2pm – 4pm.

It will begin with a discussion around leadership and management, exploring the different styles and how they can be used to maximum impact. This will be followed by an interactive exercise with the audience, concluding with ten observations on senior leadership.

The event is the latest in a series of Masterclasses organised by the Bevan Commission, who are the leading health and care think tank in Wales.

Hosted and supported by Swansea University, the Commission brings together international health and care experts to provide independent, authoritative advice to the Welsh Government and leaders in Wales, the UK and beyond.

Bevan Commission Director Helen Howson said, “We are really looking forward to hosting this Masterclass with Lt General Louis Lillywhite, who is a dedicated member of the Bevan Commission, and grateful that he will be sharing his wisdom with others in Wales.

“If we are going to deliver sustainable and prudent health and care on the ground we have to have strong leadership and the courage and commitment at all levels to drive this forward

“This Masterclass will be an exciting opportunity to develop understanding and build confidence and collective responsibility to play a part in leading and driving transformational change at all levels. We all have an important contribution to make to ensure our health and care system is fit for the future.”

This Masterclass is part of a series of executive education events run by the Bevan Commission, drawing upon the extensive experience and expertise of its internationally renowned Commissioners. Further details on future events can be found on the Bevan Commission website.

Register for the free event, which takes places from 2pm – 4pm on February 13.