Bold decisions, crucial changes and courageous action is vital to health and care recovery in Wales


Bold decisions, crucial changes and courageous action is needed to ensure sustainable health and care is available for people across Wales as it recovers from the pandemic, says the Bevan Commission.

In two new papers published today (June 14 2021), Wales’ leading think tank for health and care makes it clear that we need to work together to find more radical solutions to tackle the challenges facing NHS Wales, particularly the huge rise in the number of people on hospital waiting lists.

The Commission has explored widely with others in Wales, and internationally, to find solutions to support sustainable recovery from Covid-19 and asked the public, patients and professionals the question ‘what will you do differently?’

The clear message from this work is the need to transform the way services are delivered and clarify what people can realistically expect from healthcare, encouraging them to play an increasing role in managing their own health and wellbeing.

This is an opportunity to build upon changes made during the pandemic and to reconsider what, how and where services should be provided in the future.

Bevan Commission Chair Professor Sir Mansel Aylward said, “We all have to think and do things differently. The Covid-19 crisis has been traumatic for the nation, its health and care services, and its staff. It has severely exacerbated long-standing problems with meeting demand for elective care and created substantial backlogs.

“However, it has also provided an accelerant for positive change to the way services are delivered and has demonstrated to government, the public and the service itself that the NHS is capable of achieving great things and at scale.

“That capability and self-realisation must be retained and actively nurtured with people and systems working closely together to both support and deliver transformational change in the future.”

In the paper Doing Things Differently: Tackling the Backlog in the Aftermath of Covid-19, the Commission looks in detail at the challenge of tackling the backlog of people waiting for hospital treatment.

There are now almost 560,000 waiting for treatment – this is almost one in six people in Wales – and 217,655 of those people have been waiting more than 36 weeks, a rise of 192,021 since February 2020.

The Commission proposes a number of actions to overcome this challenge including creating new ways of working, improving efficiencies and creative staffing solutions. It also recognises that this cannot be done alone. There is a need for everyone to work together, sharing responsibility for their own health and the health of the population.

It makes three core recommendations that it believes will make the biggest impact;

Alongside these recommendations, the Commission has outlined a number of other suggestions that will help avoid admission to hospital by providing better access to care closer to home. In the paper Doing Things Differently: Supporting Service Development in the Community it recommends new ways of working with services and support closer to home by:

These recommendations support Welsh Government’s Covid-19 Recovery Plan and National Clinical Framework.

Bevan Commission Director Helen Howson said, “The challenge to secure a sustainable recovery from Covid is huge, but so are the opportunities. The Bevan Commission papers identify a number of different ways of working to improve efficiency and use all skills and resources to best effect, but this will not happen without the will of people, both professionals and the public. We are all in this together and we must work together to find solutions’’.

The two full papers are available online:

Doing Things Differently: Tackling the Backlog in the Aftermath of Covid-19

Doing Things Differently: Supporting Service Development in the Community