Covid-19: A Message from the Bevan Commission Director


We live in unprecedented times and Covid – 19 is affecting everyone’s lives locally, nationally, and globally. In particular we must pay tribute to our dedicated health and care workers – our heroes – who show dedication, professionalism and remarkable resilience in such extraordinary times and sadly we have already seen that many have paid the ultimate price in supporting the people they care for.

We are all having to come to terms with this crisis emotionally, psychologically as well as physically – Its impact (much of which is yet unknown) will remain with us forever. As we adjust to this on a daily basis and work through the practical, social and economic implications, we will need to reflect, review and assess information as it evolves.

What will be the legacy of the Covid-19 pandemic and what lessons can be learnt for future crises?

The Bevan Commission, as a leading health and care think tank, alongside other similar organisations, will play its part in this. It will use the expertise it has available through its 22 internationally renowned Commissioners to best effect for people in Wales and wider afield. We will continue to observe, analyse, interpret and comment on the situation with a view to securing a better way forward and a vision fit for the future. As part of this we will produce a series of Commissioner-led Opinion Pieces addressing a range of relevant Covid-19 issues as well as capturing the experiences of people, new learning and other opportunities as they evolve. Keep up to date on our dedicated Covid-19 page.

We are well aware the impact of Covid-19 is unprecedented and that the future will be very different indeed. However, within this context, there will be some real opportunities that we must take advantage of in order to transform the way we improve and sustain health and care in Wales.

Aneurin Bevan had a clear vision and way through the post war challenges to establish the NHS in 1948 and I have no doubt that together we will do similarly to ensure that ‘society becomes more wholesome, more serene and spiritually healthier ‘ Aneurin Bevan (In Place of Fear).