Getting ready to share results of innovative Bevan Exemplar projects


Our Bevan Exemplars are getting ready to share the results of their innovative projects that aimed to improve health outcomes, patient experiences and efficiency in NHS Wales.

The Cohort Four group met for a final workshop at Cardiff City Stadium to help them prepare for evaluating their work and communicating their findings and impact.

More than 38 Bevan Exemplar projects have been supported over 12 months by the Bevan Commission to turn prudent healthcare principles into action in hospitals, GP surgeries and communities across Wales.

The work will then be showcased at a special event in the Senedd – the National Assembly for Wales, in January 2020.

Siôn Charles, Deputy Director of the Bevan Commission, said, “Each year we work with our Bevan Exemplars to develop a blended programme of networking and learning which both meets their needs and provides structured support to get their innovative ideas off the ground and into reality.

“It’s been fantastic to see the development of everyone taking part and the enthusiasm and commitment to implement their pioneering projects.

“Now we’re at the really exciting part when we find out what difference their work has made to improve health and care, and services.”

The Bevan Exemplars scheme was established in 2015 and has participants from all disciplines across the NHS including surgeons, nurses, pharmacists, therapists, GPs and care workers.

Since then over 140 successful projects have been supported to improve health and care in NHS Wales.

This year’s projects have a variety of themes including:

Bevan Exemplar and Orthopaedic Consultant Oliver Blocker, who has been working on a project to improve the quality and efficiency of care for patients with hand trauma in hospital, said the support he has received has been invaluable.

“The Bevan Exemplar project has enabled me to work outside of my role as a surgeon and also develop me as a clinical leader,” said Oliver, who works at the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff.

“I would encourage people working in the NHS who want to change things and find they are banging their heads against a wall, to get involved with the Bevan Commission as they can show you where the tools are and how to use them to break through those walls and make a difference.”

The Bevan Exemplar scheme is gaining widespread recognition across the UK and internationally as an excellent model of health and care innovation, as well as making a significant and positive difference to the lives of people in Wales.

It provides a unique combination of protected time and space, peer-to-peer networking, training and development, credibility of Bevan Commission support and expert mentoring from the Bevan Commissioners.

The NHS professionals attend five core networking events throughout the year (with the opportunity for additional training) in which they refine their ideas, develop examples of health innovation in action and learn new skills in areas including project management, effective communication and complexity theory.

Helen Howson, Director of the Bevan Commission said, “Our Bevan Exemplars are big thinkers from every part of the NHS: surgeons, physiotherapists, nurses, GPs, carers, planning managers and porters.

“They all have something crucial in common: they had an innovative and prudent idea that they wanted to trial and test out in their own places of work.

“We can’t wait see the results which we hope will be as successful as past cohorts and will be shared at our showcase event in the Senedd in January.

“Following this we will encourage their ongoing innovation and the widespread adoption of successful initiatives across Wales as part of our Adopt and Spread programme, so that others might also benefit.”

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