Royal College of Surgeons of England supports Bevan Commission latest work


The Royal College of Surgeons of England has endorsed two new papers published by the Bevan Commission looking at the need to work together to find radical solutions to the challenges facing health and care in Wales as it responds to and recovers from the pandemic.

The papers focus, in particular, on the challenge of tackling the considerable backlog of patients waiting for hospital treatment, with almost one in six people in Wales currently on the list, and the need to support service development in the community to avoid admission to hospital where ever possible.

The Commission developed the papers following detailed research and exploration with people across Wales and globally, to look at what could be done differently to help support sustainable Covid-19 recovery.

Mr Richard Johnson, Director (Wales) of the Royal College of Surgeons of England, said the papers provide a welcome contribution to how the waiting times backlog should be tackled.

“Restoring planned surgical services in the context of Covid-19 represents one of the most complex challenges that the NHS in Wales has ever faced,” he said.

“Over half a million people in Wales were waiting for planned treatment in March 2021, the longest ever waiting list. Behind these statistics are people waiting in pain and suffering for an operation.

“Dealing with the backlog will require significant changes to how we deliver services in Wales. It will take many years to achieve, and we need to see sustained investment to increase hospital capacity.

“We look forward to working with the Bevan Commission and Welsh Government to improve outcomes for patients in Wales.”

The Commission makes a number of recommendations in the papers which it believes, if we all work together, will make the biggest impact and support health and care to recover and reset.

To find out more read the papers here; Doing Things Differently: Tackling the Backlog in the Aftermath of Covid-19 and Doing Things Differently: Supporting Service Development in the Community.