Showcasing innovation that is transforming health and care across Wales


Innovative ways of working that are making a big difference to health and care across Wales are being showcased by the Bevan Commission in a series of online events that start today (December 1) and run until December 4 2020.

Over the next four days, 17 Bevan Exemplar projects that have been developed and tested by health and care staff, with the support of the Commission, will be shared in six sessions.

Elderly people holding hands whilst watching a young woman moving to one side in a chair

Despite a challenging year, the Bevan Exemplars have developed and adapted a number of prudent ideas that are improving services, outcomes and experiences for patients and citizens. From using dance to help people with dementia, to improving care for glaucoma patients, the projects demonstrate a wide ranging positive impact that will now be shared and made available for adoption by others across Wales.

Bevan Commission Director Helen Howson said, “I am really proud of all of our Exemplars who have managed, despite Covid-19 and the major disruption this has caused, to deliver some exceptionally innovative programmes across Wales. “This is just at a time when we really need new solutions and shows just what people can achieve, despite the barriers they face on a daily basis, and often over and above their day job. “Their creativity, commitment and inspirational work should not be missed and we should all acknowledge and celebrate their success – and of course adopt and spread this across the rest of Wales.”

The Bevan Exemplar Showcase will be launched at 9am with three projects being shared and another three in a session at 3.30pm. Further sessions will run until December 4 –find out more about the projects and book tickets here.

Staff from ten organisations across Wales are involved and projects demonstrate improvements in both health and social care.

One Bevan Exemplar project, developed by Dr Helen Iliff, a trainee anaesthetist at Cwm Taf Morgannwg University Health Board, has already been adopted not just in Wales but across the UK. The Distance Aware campaign, to encourage people to maintain social distancing during the Covid 19 pandemic, was adopted by NHS Wales and the UK Department of Health and Social Care.

Other Exemplar initiatives include;

Participants of the Grow Well gardening initiative with their plants

Professor Nick Rich, from Swansea University School of Management, who supports and evaluates the Bevan Exemplars during the 12 month programme, said, “The theme of this year’s Exemplars can be captured in one word – heart. I have been so impressed by the ways in which the Exemplars have engaged with the health and social care agenda in very innovative and pioneering ways. “We have seen initiatives that have really ‘reached out’ to embrace patients and citizens who are vulnerable and feeling isolated. “Using IT to deliver change has also been a key theme. The whole of society has had to go online and the Exemplars have embraced engaging with patients in new ways. Despite all the challenges Covid 19 has brought, it has been another great year for the Bevan Exemplar programme.”

The Bevan Commission established the Exemplar programme in 2015 to support people in the system and those who use it, to make changes that support prudent health care to deliver more innovative and sustainable solutions.

Since the programme began, more than 200 projects have been tested, all of which are making a real difference in primary care, the community and hospitals. Further work is also being carried out by the Bevan Commission to support the widespread adoption and spread of these ideas across Wales.

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