A novel device invented in the NHS to improve management of tracheostomy tubes

John Maisey, Chief Clinical Technologist

Industry Partner: Brodwaith (HGR) Ltd

Cardiff and Vale University Health Board

This Bevan Exemplar project aims to bring an NHS invention to market to improve the care of tracheostomy patients.


When a patient requires a tracheostomy, which is an opening created at the front of the neck so a tube can be inserted to help them breathe, it is vital that they receive ventilation quickly and efficiently.

Effective management of tracheostomy tubes is key to this procedure and to patient care.


A device was developed by three NHS staff to help manage the tracheostomy tubes associated with the ventilation of patients. This device has been iteratively developed in partnership with a Welsh Small-Medium Enterprise (SME), and the device was close to market when presented to the Bevan Commission assessment panel.

The aim of the Bevan Exemplar project has been to investigate the process required to bring an NHS invention to market.


The main challenge has been understanding and finding an innovation pathway for NHS inventions, and communicating with the correct people to assess the device and its impact on patient care if introduced as a novel device.


Early indications are that the introduction of this device would save nursing and clinical time and improve patient care. A clinical trial/product evaluation is required to fully understand the impact the introduction of this device would have on patient care, which would further inform decisions in relation to its market potential.

The device has the potential to improve patient care whilst also reducing the nursing and clinical time currently associated with the management of patients with a tracheostomy.

Next steps

The next steps are to get the device accepted onto a research and development-led clinical trial, designed to fully understand the impact this device would have on patient care and how this would align with the prudent healthcare model.

My experience as a Bevan Exemplar has been positive and it has been very worthwhile.
John Maisey

Part of cohort Bevan Exemplar Projects 2017-18

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