An Interim Report for the Adopt and Spread Programme

Author: Bevan Commission

Published: December 2020

The A&S Programme is a unique national programme with participation from Bevan Exemplars, innovation adopters and their teams working together to spread transformation within and across organisations in Wales. This Interim report brings together an update about the progress to date and the early insights from the programme. The early findings show promising results with successful adoption within a few months and despite the challenges faced by many teams due to COVID-19. The learning from the A&S Programme will be shared over the coming months to support a stronger infrastructure for adoption as health and care continues to transform to meet the challenges of today.

Key points

  • The A&S Programme started with over 40 adoption sites taking forward 15 Bevan Exemplars, and a cohort of 95 health and care professionals working across Wales.

  • Teams of practitioners, clinicians, and professionals in health and care are changing the way they work and engaging over 200 colleagues in 24 organisations across Wales.

  • This is one of the largest known mixed methods action-based research and evaluation programmes in the UK that follows a national cohort of adopters working within health and care over 12-15 months.

  • The A&S Programme has national, regional and local level engagement with senior leaders and research, innovation and improvement teams supporting successful innovation adoption and spread across Wales.

Interim findings

  • 87% of the Exemplar Innovations introduced in January 2020 have gained traction and are actively being introduced in new adoption sites. Responding to COVID-19, two-thirds of the Exemplars successfully adapted their innovations and/or delivery of the innovation from face-to-face training or services whilst participating in the A&S Programme.

  • 85% of the adoption sites who were recruited at the start of the A&S Programme are in adoption or post-adoption phase with their selected Exemplar Innovation.

  • An average of 3 new adoption sites per innovation started going live in March 2020 and are maintaining momentum and action during COVID-19.

  • Within a few months, Exemplar Innovations have started to expand beyond their original adoption sites, are being tested in new contexts, and contributing to service-wide changes.

  • Over 600 patients, and service users have already received care and support through the new adoption sites using Exemplar Innovations and support received through the A&S Programme.

More to come

  • The final report for the Programme will be available in summer 2021 with showcases and end of cohort presentations.

  • Sharing nationally and globally, the A&S Programme will contribute how to guides, toolkits and resources to support future work in adoption and spread.

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