Bevan Exemplar Class of 2019 announced, building on exceptional success rate for scheme

The latest projects will explore digital health communities in Wales, collaborative approaches to reducing AMR, a VR café for people with cystic fibrosis and much more.

38 new Bevan Exemplar and Bevan Health Technology Exemplar projects will commence this autumn, building on recently published evidence that demonstrates a continued 79% success rate for the scheme.

The Bevan Exemplar Class of 2019 will be joining the Bevan Commission from Health Boards and Trusts across Wales, armed with innovative ideas that they will trial and test out in their own hospitals, GP surgeries, palliative care units and ambulances.

Some of the new Bevan Exemplar initiatives include:

  • An intergenerational approach to preventing falls in elderly people by using primary school children as ‘reducing falls’ ambassadors.

  • Implementing a virtual clinic for people with Parkinson’s with the aid of wearable technology, which will monitor motor symptoms.

  • ‘Digital companions’ who will help to get those who have never used the internet online and connected up with peers with similar interests, to explore how this could improve health and well-being.

  • A collaborative approach to reducing antimicrobial resistance by engaging and informing prescribers at all levels.

  • Buzzard Café: a Virtual Reality (VR) space where those with cystic fibrosis can ‘meet’ to provide support to each other and undertake group therapy led by a trained psychologist.

The new Bevan Exemplar projects offer a variety of specialisms, expertise and perspectives, with participants ranging from surgeons to nurses to care workers.

The NHS professionals from across Wales will attend five core networking events throughout the year (with the opportunity for additional training) in which they will refine their ideas, discover best practice examples of health innovation in action and learn new skills in areas including project management, effective communication and complexity theory.

The Bevan Exemplars will also be partnered up with a mentor; one of the 22 Bevan Commissioners, who are recognised as some of the most renowned experts in health and care in the world. This is an unparalleled opportunity for the Bevan Exemplars to receive personal coaching from leading figures in health technology, primary care, mental health, pharmacy, palliative care and more.

The announcement of the Bevan Exemplar Class of 2019 follows the publication of the latest evaluation of the Bevan Exemplars scheme from Professor Nick Rich (Swansea University School of Management). In the summary report, Professor Rich describes an ongoing success rate of 79%, with Bevan Exemplar projects generating £196,000 on average in economic benefits – making it “a powerful force for change in Wales.”

Helen Howson, Director of the Bevan Commission, said: “We are so pleased to welcome the next cohort of Bevan Exemplars to the Bevan Commission. This scheme has demonstrated consistent success that truly confounds the expectation of failure in healthcare innovation, and shows that Wales has a lot to teach the world about how to deliver transformational change. Bevan Exemplars not only benefit from a carefully designed programme of training throughout the year, but also from the expertise of our internationally renowned Bevan Commissioners. I wish them well for the year ahead and look forward to working closely with them.”

Siôn Charles, Deputy Director of the Bevan Commission, said: “Each year we work with our Bevan Exemplars to develop a blended programme of networking and learning which both meets their needs and provides structured support to get their innovative ideas off the ground. This year’s cohort will bring a variety of fresh approaches and perspectives to the scheme, and it will be exciting to see how their projects will develop and flourish over the next 12 months.”

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