Bevan Exemplars 2017

Aneurin Bevan University Health Board

Care Home prescribing in Blaenau Gwent West

The project aims to reduce medicines waste in care homes by changing the method of repeat prescription ordering to using my health on line rather than the different processes currently used across homes in the NCN area.

Dave Minton  |  John Dicomidis  |  Anne Sprackling  |  Ceri Ratcliffe

Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board

The Integration of clinical pharmacists into the admission process in singleton hospital

The project aims to develop a role for pharmacists in the admission  process at Singleton hospital.  Pharmacists will have a designated role in the admission process which is to undertake medicines reconciliation, undertake early clinical screening (e.g. To identify any potential drug related factors In the patients admission), and transcribe the patients regular medication onto the drug chart.

Kieron Power

Medicines Home care for Wales

To reduce variation of practice across Wales and Streamline Services

Reuben Morgan

ABMU Health Board Wellbeing Champions

The project aims to contribute to the Health Board’s plan to increase attendance at work and reduce sickness absence by developing the role of ‘Wellbeing Champion’. The Wellbeing Champions will have increased knowledge of the range of staff health and wellbeing services that are available to staff in order to increase awareness and promote early uptake/intervention to their teams. They will also promote and engage their workplaces in public health and other health and wellbeing campaigns.

Paul Dunning

Improving the outcome for IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) patients in Primary Care using the low FODMAP diet approach

The aim of the project is to improve the clinical outcome and quality of life for IBS patients by using the low FODMAP dietary approach. The low FODMAP diet improves symptoms in over 75% of patients and receiving timely advice before undergoing invasive procedures also reduces costs. Currently, capacity allows only a small number of patients to benefit, so extending this would reduce the inequality in service provision.

Debbie Thomas

Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board

The development of a new model of Primary Care for Wales: Co-production through the creation of a Patient council.

The project aims to make a step-change in approach to involving patients and local communities within the development, ownership, and scrutiny of their primary care services.  The project will develop a Patient Council which will oversee the further development of the Healthy Prestatyn Iach (HPI) primary care service, and provide learning for other primary care services wishing to develop local services using a strongly co-productive approach. A governance framework will be developed to allow the Council to influence the development and priorities of the HPI service, whilst scrutinising and holding the service and local community to account.

Chris Stockport

The developing role of the Key Team Coordinator within Primary Care

Introducing a brand new, innovative post of a non-clinical member of Primary Care working within a clinical team to reduce waiting time and increasing care with each individual

Darryn Thomas

Developing the “Ein Dyfodol” projects as part of Well North Wales programme to address health inequalities

The project aims to introduce a place-based programme in areas of identified high deprivation in North Wales, working with multiple agencies and stakeholders, as well as representatives to local communities, to devleop initiatves based on priorities identified by the communities themselves.

Glynne Roberts

Care home support team

Care home response team  that will provide  Multidisciplinary support, advice, clinical skills training to nursing homes in north wales. The initial project will focus on piloting the care home response team in the East area of BCUHB and then rolling out across North Wales.

Marianne Walmsle & Jane Roberts

Cardiff & Vale University Health Board

Diabetes Foot Health Engagement and Empowerment to Self-care

To provide foot health education and healthier lifestyle support to all patients with diabetes who are referred into CAV UHB Podiatry. The project will involve a 2 phase engagement programme developed in partnership with patients and other healthcare professionals.

Angela Jones

Cwm Taf University Health Board

Transform traditional ward based dementia care

Integrated working with RMN’s and RN’s to deliver safe and effective care for people with dementia. Dementia friendly environments in wards and day rooms, with patients and families/carers are engaged in central to patient care planning.

Amy Uren

Tackling health inequalities: improving health literacy and activation, enables co production and patient centred care-working with citizens and communities to co-design solutions

Tailor interventions based on health literacy and activation levels to improve these assets in order to

  • improve Self-Management of hip and knee pain

  • improve patient -centred decision making about management options.

Naomi Stanton

Talking therapies service re-design

Developing a new matched stepped care service model to enhance access to psychological therapies in community mental health teams ( CMHTS's)

Elanor Maybury

Hywel Dda University Health Board

Implementation of frailty support workers at ward level

Recognition of frailty and providing flexible, patient centred, planned care and reducing the impact of frailty in areas such as nutrition, mobility and rehabilitation, delirium Recognition, continence and sensory impairment.

Aysha Taylor

Children’s community integrated nursing service

Team leader continuing care appointed into SDM/ SN role which has provided the opportunity to pilot a different model of service delivery, bringing together the generic and continuing care nursing services into one community team led by the generic nursing team leader. Back fill of the continuing care team leaders post with 47.5 hours band 5 nurses to increase clinical capacity and allow an independent nurse assessor role for continuing care.

Margaret Devonald Morris

Public Health Wales NHS Trust

Making sense of food - The Food Experience in the Vale of Glamorgan

Use Sensemaker methodology to build a body of evidence to inform and improve the food environment in the Vale of Glamorgan. Improve availability and affordability of healthy options  and develop Food Vale to market the Vale of Glamorgan as a good place to grow, buy and eat healthy, local and sustainable food.

Rhianon Urquhart

Powys Teaching Health Board

Community childrens nurse, Powys teaching health board

The creation of Nurse led, Community continence service offering 2nd tier care to children, young people and their families within a single referral pathway.

Jennifer Walsh

Velindre NHS Trust

Primary care oncology development

Aiming to improve primary cares input into oncology - both during and after treatment (Managing survivor long term condition). GP educational events engaging interested GPs to be involved in velindres cancer treatment delivery and then community based follow ups.

Elise Lang

Improving the pathways for patients requiring palliative/ emergency radiotherapy (RT) by developing a rapid access service delivered by a radiographer led service.

Create a multidisciplinary radiographer led service for urgent/em,ergency RT to improve patient experience with rapid access onto paliative RT. VCC will assess and audit practice role between Novemeber 2016 and July 2017.

Steve Hill

Welsh Ambulance Service Trust

Development of virtual ward supported by community paramedics with St.Johns surgery

The scope of this project is to employ 4 community paramedics who are educated at a MSC level. Collaborative weekly within St.Johns surgery where the community paramedics will be working from with a supported supervision from St. Johns surgery GPs and WAST advanced paramedic practitioners

Roger John

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