Bevan Exemplars 2020

Aneurin Bevan University Health Board

Empowering patients to make better infection management choices

Using a social marketing approach, the project aims to give members of the public tools to prevent and self-manage infections, hopefully reducing antibiotic use and GP demand. Face-to-face workshops with community groups and third sector partners will encourage self-care, highlight symptoms needing referral and signpost alternative services including 111.

Ceri Phillips

Talking to the People That Matter the Most

A new approach to triage in Children’s Physiotherapy- to develop an innovative way to triage children with gait abnormalities via web-based video consultation.

Sarah Roberts

Gwent Career College Consortium

Aneurin Bevan University Health Board and the Gwent Regional Partnership Board, along with key partners, are taking an innovative and holistic approach to the current recruitment and retention crisis facing the health and social care sector. The consortium has developed a new structure of collaboration between the Coleg Gwent, Aneurin Bevan University Health Board, local authorities, regional employability projects and independent providers of social care.

Tanya Strange, Aneurin Bevan University Health Board 


Mark Saunders, Chris Hooper and Hanna Ross, Torfaen County Borough Council

Care home patients at end of life

Reducing patient admissions from care homes at end of life by improving the coordination of Primary Care and community services.

Ian Jones

Healthy Help – ‘Plain Clothes Professionals’

This project will work to positively change peoples’ habits, enabling them to stay well and active and avoiding premature or unnecessary involvement with statutory health services. The project will have ‘plain clothes’ health professionals within our established community based, voluntary sector team.

Miranda Thomason 

Bridges is a charity with its centre in Monmouth that works across Monmouthshire providing a range of Wellbeing and Support services.

Citizen mentoring for senior decision makers in Wales

Based on anecdotal experience with patient mentoring and reverse mentoring in NHS England, this project aims to bring together senior decision makers within the Welsh public service with citizens in Wales, to gain a holistic understanding of the impact of their strategic decisions on health, wellbeing and everyday life.

Liesbeth Beeckman 

Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board

MUO Primary Care Access and Supported Toolkit

Malignancy of Unknown origin (MUO) supported toolkit with GP direct access to Oncology for patients with MUO

Samah Massalha

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) Based Sleep Promotion Group

An acceptance and commitment programme to boost sleep quality in patients with chronic pain who have a base of self-management strategies, but still suffer significant sleep impairment.

Dr Dilesh Thaker

A Specialised Deaf Mental Health Service

Initiation of a new service in Wales to include training in the full aspects of Deaf mental health and the social model of care, as well as the teaching of British Sign Language and peer mentoring by Deaf professionals. 

Anne Silman

Making the connections to establish an environmental sustainability presence at hospital.

Creating an environmental sustainability and health team to involve all staff and patients in solutions, empowering them to do the little things that add up to make a big difference.

Tom Downs

Ambulatory Care Unit – Bridging the Gap

Quality care for the vulnerable people in our area. Bringing hospital tests and treatments to your home or our day unit.

Charlotte Hattersley

Cardiff & Vale University Health Board

Promoting a healthy lifestyle in pregnancy (Foodwise in Pregnancy).

To improve access to evidence based nutrition, physical activity and healthy weight gain information and practical support to enable healthy lifestyles for women during pregnancy. To contribute towards giving children the best start in life and tackling inequalities in health.

Lisa Williams 

Let’s talk about medicines with MAVIS (Medicines Advice Via Information Systems)

Using a virtual assistant/ Artificial Intelligence called ‘MAVIS’ to talk to patients about medicines. To enable better conversations, better experiences and better outcomes for patients with porphyria

Alana Adams


Creation of a live pathway tracking system that offers clinician decision support whilst capturing live patient data and enabling management to make in practice changes according to user need and capacity for patients on CAV's Hot Gallbladder Pathway.

Helen Iliff and Harriet Whewell

PACE: Podiatry – Accessible Care for Everyone

This project offers a private service for Podiatry patients who fall outside All Wales eligibility criteria for further Podiatric care. It enables patients to continue with a treatment plan for a nominal fee, offering more flexible appointment times. The clinical governance structure will ensure safe, effective, high quality affordable care.

 Maureen Hillier and Sally Mogg 

VIVID: Video-assisted consent for a Visually-aided Informed Decision

Developing animated videos to explain interventional radiology procedures to patients

Dr Ghali Salahia

Developing a Screening Test for Genetic Abnormalities in Suspected Miscarriage

This project aims to investigate the utility of new technology in order to create a new non-invasive prenatal test to look for genetic abnormalities in the foetus that may explain a miscarriage.

Anna Barrett

Renal Buds

This project aims to support young people in transitioning from paediatric to adult services. It will empower young patients, help them really understand their conditions, support treatment adherence and encourage them to self-manage their conditions from an earlier age.

Ben Griffiths and Shaun Thomas

Care Cafe: Co-producing and evaluating an Advance Care Planning Cafe in nursing homes.

Co-producing an advance care planning cafe model that will empower patients, and guide professionals in staying true to the wishes of patients and ensuring they are at the centre of any care and treatment decisions at all times.

Alexandra James and Karen Smith


This project will evaluate a new test with the potential to reduce the time taken to find a genetic diagnosis for patients with intellectual disability and/or developmental delay.

Sian Corrin

Get up and dance!

Introducing dance to clinical patient areas to get people moving, lift their mood and improve wellbeing.

Marianne Seabright

Cwm Taf Morgannwg University Health Board

Innovative training solutions for pre-registration pharmacists in primary-care

Using apps and additional technologies to connect trainees in remote primary-care settings and deliver simulated patient-centred training

Helen Davies

Self-management strategies for sensory considerations in a neuro typical world.

A communication tool that promotes and enables self-management of ASD and other lifelong conditions.

Emma Francis

StTEPS: Support to Transition Engagement and Potential

Adapting the Hafal Recovery Programme to support mental health inpatients transition to community discharge.

Andrea Davies & Jason Cockings

An Innovative Approach to ILD Management – Right People @ Right Time

This project proposes delivering a new model of service for Interstitial Lung Disease (ILD) patients utilising the expertise of a number of allied health professionals in a more creative manner, to enable the delivery of high quality, timely and evidence-based healthcare.

Dr Ruth Williams

Using Population Segmentation and Risk Stratification to Deliver Asthma Care Where it’s Needed Most

This project explores whether data could be used to identify the patients with asthma in utmost need and highlight those at greatest risk of deterioration or of having a significant event. It will then use this data to explore a new service model to deliver care as close to the patient’s home as possible.

Louise Walby

Hywel Dda University Health Board

Making SMART pumps “SMARTer”

Hywel Dda have SMART infusion pumps with Drug Libraries. They log every infusion event and when infusion limits are breeched. With additional technology to harness the stored data, we can learn from these infusion events, share what we have learnt and ultimately  improve the safety of infusions.

Dianne Burnett & Stephen Farrington

GP Fellow in Integrated Care

A new innovative post where newly qualified GPs work in a Practice with sustainability issues and in secondary care clinics that require support with workload. The GPs are provided with protected sessions for mentoring and study leave to go towards attaining a higher qualification in a secondary interest.

Dr Elin Griffiths

Byw Bywyd Gyda Phoen / Living Life With Pain

This project aims to create a digital version of an existing Pain Management Programme . This will be a linear, bio-psychosocial programme where people progress through each of the ten modules.

Dr Ffion John

The Learning Disability Intensive Support Team

A team of nurses and support workers working closely with Community Learning Disability Teams to provide increased levels of support with behavioural problems, mental health conditions or other difficulties in people’s lives. The team works in the person’s home in order to support placements and avoid hospital admissions.

Tracey Lloyd

Supporting Carers to identify physical causes for behaviours that challenge

A ‘tick sheet’ comprised of common biological changes that are evidenced to cause / contribute to a sudden change in an individual’s behaviour.

Beca Stilwell

Evaluating the value and impact of Occupational Therapy in Primary Care

An in-depth Value Based Healthcare analysis to evaluate contribution that Occupational Therapy brings to Primary Care, as part of the solution to improving patient care within local communities.

Kerrie Phipps

Using the ‘Tree of Life’ Group to Plant Seeds of Empowerment: Narrative Therapy for Type 1 Diabetes

Developing narrative group therapy to improve relationships and understanding between Diabetes healthcare professionals and complex patients who struggle with self-management of Diabetes. The aim is for patients to feel better understood and empowered to work with their team to set personalised, appropriate goals, to better self-manage their condition and cope with setbacks when they occur.

Kate Rhodes

Working Smartly-Improving Quality of the Clinical Haematology Services in Wales

Reducing the haematology outpatient clinics by filtering referrals according to the risk assessment. G1 – To be seen in hospital G2 – Advice to GP only G3 – Shared care in management between hospital and GP.

Ahmed Salamat

Powys Teaching Health Board 

My Life, My Wishes’ Advance Care Plan promotion across Powys.

Promoting Advance Care Planning in Powys through collaboration with, education of and equal partnership with social care and local voluntary services.

Sarah Wheeler & Patricia Bird 

Public Health Wales

Wales Automating Complexity – Combating Infection:

Using artificial intelligence solutions to read handwritten request forms, interpret results in the light of the clinical picture and add narrative comments that change clinical behaviours and support antimicrobial stewardship.

Mike Simmons

Swansea Bay University Health Board


A staged rehabilitation exercise program for patients who have ruptured their Achilles tendon, on an App called "pop2hop". The aim is to supplement physiotherapy care with a detailed rehabilitation App which provides daily advice and guidance through the best evidence exercises.

Anne-Marie Hutchinson 

Using telehealth to support children with speech sound disorders associated with Cleft Palate.

This project aims to work with families, schools and local Speech and Language Therapy (SLT) teams to identify which of them is the most appropriate person to support the delivery of intensive SLT  input, in a way that minimises disruption to home and school life, by using an online videoconferencing platform to connect them with the Specialist Cleft Palate SLT.

Niamh Ward

Bronchiectasis-specific Pulmonary Rehabilitation’

A Pulmonary Rehabilitation course specifically for bronchiectasis patients, addressing their specific exercise, education and self-management needs.

Kayleigh Owen

Enhancing interventions for Fibromyalgia patients

Enhancing interventions delivered by occupational therapists to Fibromyalgia patients by utilising a cognitive behaviour therapy approach.  Addressing patients’ anxiety and depression will achieve better health outcomes and impact on their ability to engage in self-management of their condition.

Christine Samuel

Velindre University NHS Trust 

Improving outcomes for early stage prostate cancer patients

Implementing new ways of delivering external beam radiotherapy over five days (Extreme Hypofractionation) combined with biodegradable rectal spacer insertion to reduce bowel morbidity for early stage prostate cancer patients.

Nachi Palaniappan 

Welsh Blood Service - Velindre University NHS Trust

Transfusion Patient Education: Does a single patient resource support informed consent for blood transfusion?

This project aims to develop a range of delivery platforms for the ‘Will I need a Blood Transfusion?’ leaflet, in coproduction with the public and healthcare professionals, to facilitate the provision of the right information at the required time in a personalised format to the patient.

Stephanie Ditcham, Lee Wong and Joanne Gregory

Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust 

Improvement and Innovation Ideas Web Platform/Portal for the Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust (WAST)

To capture ideas generated by all staff within the Trust and support staff to lead the change themselves.

Andeep Chohan & Jacqui Jones

Bridgend County Borough Council 


Developing a community owned and operated model of doorstep physical activity for older people to reduce isolation, whilst improving physical and mental wellbeing across the Cwm Taf Morgannwg Health Board footprint in collaboration with cross sector partners from Bridgend, Rhondda Cynon Taf and Merthyr Tydfil.

Jamie Clewer

Social Care Wales

Balancing Rights and Responsibilities: Supporting a cultural shift across health and social care

This partnership project with HEIW, 1000 Lives and NHS Delivery Unit brings together two existing training programmes with aligned principles into one joint cohesive initiative. It will focus on testing the methodology and training with community Multi Agency Teams, enabling them to refine the programmes into one agreed offer before wider roll-out across Health and Social Care.

Jessica Matthews

Cardiff Metropolitan University 

The evidence of massage workshops in community settings

This project is a research collaboration between The Community Massage Project and Cardiff Metropolitan University to evaluate the impact on people’s health and wellbeing of participation in a facilitated group, offering opportunities to give and receive safe massage touch.

Tim Bartlett, Alice Sidwell and Fran Higginson

Third Sector

The Grow Well Project

Improve patient health and wellbeing by bringing together people in the community experiencing mental or physical health issues, loneliness or isolation.

Isla Horton

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