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Cwm Taf University Outreach Teams

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Cwm Taf University Health Board

Cwm Taf Critical Care Outreach Teams (CCOTs) have been selected by the Bevan Commission to be part of a trial of a ‘disposable sepsis box’.

Training and awareness of the sepsis boxes commenced in April 2016 with the trial starting in May 2016, lasting for 12 months with the aim of reducing sepsis.

Sepsis is a time critical medical emergency, characterised by the body’s inflammatory response to infection. It is estimated to affect 100,000 people every year in the UK and cause the deaths of around 44,000 people.

The outreach team see approximately 400 patients per year in Cwm Taf who are diagnosed with sepsis and require medical intervention. These patients need urgent treatment at the bedside to prevent further deterioration and admission to critical care.

The sepsis box is an innovative product that delivers simple life saving initiatives called the Sepsis Six. If the contents of the box are delivered in a timely manner the evidence suggests that patient improvement on the ward following the intervention of the Sepsis Six will prevent admission to a critical care bed which cost per day is far more significant.

The anticipated benefits of the Sepsis boxes are they will improve patient safety by an early delivery of the Sepsis Six so preventing further deterioration and a better patient outcome. There is key motivation for the project across the Health Board and to be part of such a significant development in the fight against sepsis.

There is strong evidence to suggest that early recognition of sepsis and simple, but prompt treatment can have a profound effect upon mortality and reduce the level of harm in sepsis survivors.


Sepsis boxes are favourably associated with the delivery of Sepsis Six and together have shown a significant drop in NEWS at 24hrs and an inferred better patient outcome.

Part of Cohort Bevan Exemplars 2015-16

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