Engaging with the Public-a conversation on sustaining a prudent approach to health and care

Author: Bevan Commission

Published: April 2020

The Bevan Commission ran two public events (one on North Wales on 2nd July and the second in Cardiff on 17th July 2019). The events are part of the Commission's on-going commitment to meaningful engagement and embedding the co-production principle in its work.

Throughout the events, participants explored questions around how health and social care is funded, were asked questions around taxation for services and offered their ideas for a more prudent health and care system.

In this report, key areas identified for action include:

  1. Improving communication both with patients and between clinicians and services

  2. Improving access to primary care

  3. Giving due consideration to the time and convenience of patients rather than what is convenient to the service

  4. Focusing on what matters to patients as they move towards end of life (which is rarely to be admitted to an acute ward)

  5. The NHS regarding those who raise issues about current services as allies in the improvement journey and not as 'troublemakers'.

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