Introduction to the Adopt and Spread Programme

Author: Bevan Commission

Published: December 2020

"We are very pleased to be leading this national Adopt and Spread programme

to help find ways to ensure that successful, innovative ideas are adopted and

spread across Wales. We know that great ideas alone will not necessarily lead

to changes in practice that make sense to professionals and patients.

This is why we set out to find what makes great ideas stick and spread.

Working alongside others – those with the ideas and those who want to adopt

them - will give us a great insight into what works best and why. By sharing this

evidence and learning we can influence and inform local and national adoption

approaches for many years to come."

by Helen Howson, Director, Bevan Commission


The Bevan Commission has worked with the Welsh Government since November

2018 to develop a programme to test and develop a methodology to support

innovation adoption and spread in Wales. We have experience of supporting

Bevan Exemplars who are health and care professionals to take their innovation

idea forward. The A&S Programme is a natural extension to support the

Exemplars to take their successful innovations to other teams in Wales.

As the A&S Programme is focussed on research as well as delivery, we are

gathering the data and adding to the knowledge base about supporting

successful adoption and spread. Working with Swansea University and our own

research team, we are bringing together the learning as part of the live

programme and will also be writing a report to be published later in 2021.

Find out more, download the introduction to the Adopt and Spread Programme.

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