Adopt and Spread Seminar and Masterclass coming up

The national Adopt and Spread Programme has been working over the last few years to understand the enabling mechanisms for supporting innovation adoption and spread across Wales. With over 85% of the adoption sites successfully entering adoption and post adoption phases, we have learnt from successful and unsuccessful projects in health and care.

We are now releasing a toolkit and set of resources that can be used by innovation and improvement leads in health and care organisations. These sessions will also be of interest to researchers who work in the area of supporting change and implementation of new interventions and innovation.

The Adopt and Spread Seminar will be held on Thursday 20 May 2021 from 10 - 12.30pm. Join us for a presentation and panel discussion on how innovation adoption and adaptation can be implemented and sustained in health and care organisations.

The new methodology is being released with a toolkit and a full day Adopt and Spread masterclass session on the 25th of May (10 am to 2.45pm). This is an opportunity to try out the toolkits, resources and how to guides that we are releasing for health and care organisations to use as part of transformation within. This is an interactive session with lots of opportunities to help think through how the new methodology could work in your organisation or for your teams.

In this masterclass, you will:

1. Have a detailed introduction to the new methodology for sustaining innovation through structured support for adoption, adaptation and implementation,

2. Work through the toolkit and some of the exercises that helps you use the methodology in your organisation,

3. Try out the resources and how to guides that can be used in your organisation or with your team.

These session will be hosted by the Bevan Commission with invited guests forming part of the panels and immersive exercises.

Click here to find out more about the Adopt and Spread Programme.

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