Measuring healthcare outcomes-A complex system

Author: Bevan Commission

Published: December 2018

Part 1: Data and information in NHS Wales: the good, the bad and the ugly! An update position.

Key recommendations

  • Identify mechanisms to enable better system integration and knowledge mobilisation bringing together key health data players in Wales through a three dimensional approach including systems, service, financial and outcome based perspective.

  • Make data more easily accessible and transparent for professionals and the public to use to inform prudent decision making and drive up and compare quality across organisations.

  • Consolidate and effectively utilise people centered measures. Use levers and incentives to motivate and incentivise change and innovation in the system.

  • Continue to engage people and professionals in actively finding better solutions together using data.

Part 2: Are we measuring the right things?

Key recommendations

  • A clear, single National Outcomes Framework for health and social care in Wales should be developed working together with partners, people and patients.

  • All future indicators should be co-created and linked to relevant outcomes for people and patients.

  • Clinicians should be given responsibility and ownership for the clinical indicators relating to their professional practice.

  • Indicators should be easily available, accessible by all and published annually to aid transparency and comparison.

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