“Parliamentary Review is an opportunity for radical change in Wales”

The Bevan Commission has welcomed the findings of the Parliamentary Review of Health & Social Care in Wales – but has urged decision-makers to ensure this opportunity for radical change is not missed.

Bevan Commission deputy chair Chris Martin said that the review’s findings and recommendations are further confirmation of the thinking and views long held by the Commission.

Chris Martin said: “The Commission has been considering  the issues facing the NHS in Wales for some time and as such we have already proposed an alternative and more sustainable model which would ensure we can improve   health in Wales and stabilise our very precious NHS.

“We realise the current model is unsustainable and that a more prudent, social model of health and care is urgently needed in Wales.

“Our concept of Prudent Healthcare is even more relevant in the context of the Review – which seeks to find an efficient, high-quality, integrated and co-produced model which focuses on the wider social determinants of health.

“We must move away from traditional medical model of care to ensure the NHS can be sustained for another 70 years.

“The Commission has developed a more Prudent, social model which recognises the need for alternative solutions and a shared responsibility of society as a whole.

“In this new model, we have reflected on Aneurin Bevan’s original vision for the NHS - where every part of the community and society comes together to address needs and find workable solutions.”

Bevan Commission director Helen Howson added that given the challenging  situation we have witnessed across our hospitals over the past few weeks and months the adoption of a completely new way of thinking is now essential and not optional.

Helen Howson said: “The current crisis facing the NHS especially in A&E departments across the whole of the UK is symptomatic of a much deeper underlying problem.

“The Bevan Commission, which is made up of international health experts, has already emphasised the urgent need for a completely new way of thinking to help improve health and stabilise and sustain our NHS.

“The Commission’s role is to observe, interpret, analyse, scrutinise, advise and comment on health and health-related matters in Wales. Given the recent events we have witnessed across our hospitals over the past few weeks we are calling for the adoption of a completely new way of thinking and radically different solutions by health leaders, professionals and  by the public. We must all share responsibility for this and not just the NHS.

“The NHS’s current demand-side medical model is outdated and not best suited to meet current and increasingly complex health needs.

“As a Commission we believe there must be a shift to a more prudent social model of health in Wales. Conventional healthcare is of course important but healthcare alone is not paramount in achieving good health and wellbeing. We have to recognise that improving health and wellbeing is not solely the responsibility of the NHS, but is everyone’s responsibility.

“The Review is a cross-party review and is therefore a huge opportunity for change. Something must happen as a result of this review.

“We hope it can kick-start a revolution in the way we think about health and wellbeing. This means everyone — people, patients, employers and local authorities alike — must recognise their own responsibilities in helping to create a healthier society and so lift the burden on our NHS services.”

The Bevan Commission describes its new model for health and care in Wales in their latest series of White Papers titled “Exploiting the Welsh Health Legacy: The Need for a Prudent Model of Health and Care”. In these papers, the Commission advocates the urgent development of a health model which places responsibility for gaining good health beyond the NHS treatment service.

Helen Howson concluded: “A Prudent more socially responsible model will need widespread sign up and active support from the public sector, industry, the third sector and the public itself. Achieving this aspiration rests a great deal on changing understanding, attitudes and behaviours.”

Professor Sir Mansel Aylward, Chair of the Bevan Commission and Life Sciences Hub Wales, was a member of the Parliamentary Review and was recently filmed ahead of its publication.

“We are recommending a greater focus on services organised around the individual and their family, as close to home as possible. Services need to be preventative, easy to access and of high quality, which I strongly endorse. They need to be seamless and delivered without artificial barriers. Also, I’m pleased to see the emphasis on using innovation and technology to help improve efficiency and effectiveness”

Click here to watch Sir Mansel Sir Mansel Aylward Parliamentary Review January 2018 wip2

To download the full report of the Parliamentary click here: http://gov.wales/topics/health/nhswales/review/?lang=en

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