People of Wales asked to help to shape Bevan Commission People's Health Charter

The beginning of the Bevan Commission People’s Health Charter marks the 70th anniversary of the NHS and reflects the strongly held and abiding belief of the Bevan Commission that good health and care is everyone’s responsibility – what will we do differently?

The Bevan Commission wants to encourage and support collective action from all parts of Wales over the next 12 months; from people, communities and workplaces so that we all take ownership of and pride in our NHS and support a sustainable system for the next 70 years.

The Bevan Commission People’s Health Charter will be designed and shaped around the needs of people in Wales, not systems, processes or professionals. It will embrace the principles set out by Aneurin Bevan for a National Health Service, namely; comprehensive, free at the point of delivery and accessible by all. It will build upon the origins of the NHS where communities, people, professionals, patients and employers all played a key part and took responsibility for enhancing health and care with great pride.

Over 450 delegates at the Bevan Commission International Conference were called to take action to make sure that health and care in communities responds to local needs. The Bevan Commission tasked organisations and individuals in Wales over the next 12 months to help to shape the Bevan Commission People's Health Charter and  inform local services more prudently, whether at work, in communities or in NHS Wales.

It asked delegates to start a conversation with colleagues and communities, encouraging and empowering people of all ages to take action and to feedback the results of these actions.

The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges Wales, the WI in Wales, WCVA and Future Generations Commissioner have all pledged their support.

Over the next 12 months the Bevan Commission will shape the People's Health Charter by asking individuals, communities and organisations to:

  • Get involved in improving and shaping health and health and care services

  • Look out for the most vulnerable in our communities – ensuring that those with greatest need are identified, prioritised and supported

  • Use all skills and resources wisely – whether these relate to services, treatments, medications - or the time of healthcare professionals

  • Do only what is necessary to improve health- sometimes less is more - so choose wisely

  • Be open and transparent; sharing learning, information, ideas, data and action to improve health and well being

  • Avoid only looking for medical solutions when other simpler solutions may be equally effective

Paul Myres, Chair, The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges Wales says:"The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges Wales is proud to be a supporter and advocate for the NHS in Wales. The NHS has expanded and adjusted to meet the changing needs of individuals and communities in Wales.

The Academy recognises that needs will continue to change as well as the way care is delivered.  We are pleased to support the development of the Bevan Commission’s People’s Health Charter. Care delivery will be a partnership between clinicians and individuals. Clinical conversations will be based on sharing what is important to patients, evidence on what may be effective and the expertise of the clinician.

We will work with colleagues to ensure equity of access to and provision of care. We will support individuals to take more responsibility for their own health. We will use resources responsibly in order to avoid waste and achieve the outcomes our patients and communities feel important. We will indicate where we feel solutions to problems and ways to improve health lie outside the healthcare system.

We will embrace new technologies and explore new ways of working to support and deliver care whilst retaining the essential human and personal components of shared understanding, trust and compassion."

Ruth Marks, Chief Executive, WCVA says: "Charities and voluntary groups do things in communities every day that support good health and care.

The People’s Charter from the Bevan Commission reinforces the action and commitment from the 3rd sector in Wales and we look forward to working with partners to promote it."

Mair Stephens, Chair of NFWI Wales says:"Healthy living is at the heart of the WI. Our health campaigns have always taken a multi-level approach consisting of education, informed behavioural change, and where necessary, campaigning for legislative follow through to help people improve their health and wellbeing.  The WI is therefore pleased to support the Bevan Commission People’s Health Charter, and to ensure that WI members take a prudent approach to health and care in Wales, and help create the very best health and healthcare services now and for our future generations."

Sophie Howe, Future Generations Commissioner, says: “I am excited to join the Bevan Commission for the introduction of their People’s Health Charter, which will make an important contribution to how we’re developing a health system fit for future generations.”

To find out more and to help to shape the Bevan Commission People’s Health Charter, please email

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