Returning to work after COVID-19 Repeat Session

Following the success of an initial online return to work seminar, the Bevan Commission hosted a follow-up event supported by the Society of Occupational Medicine on Monday 1st June 2020. The seminar was aimed at supporting organisations in Wales to prepare for returning to work after the COVID-19 lockdown.

Chaired by Nick Pahl, CEO, Society of Occupational Medicine, the event brought together occupational health practitioners and others from across the UK and further afield.  Participants shared questions, ideas, support and helpful links.


• Introduction – Professor Anne Harriss, President-elect, Society of Occupational Medicine (download the presentation)

• Return to work: the evidence – Professor Ewan Macdonald, University of Glasgow & Bevan Commissioner (download the presentation)

• A responsible business approach – Susan Raftery, ACAS (download the presentation)

• Responsible Business Health and Wellbeing - Louise Aston, Wellbeing Director, Business in the Community (download the presentation)

• Mental health issues – Christine Poulter, Strategic Clinical Adviser, Society of Occupational Medicine (download the presentation)

• Q&A

Watch the recording of the webinar

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