Seven-Day Rehabilitation and Workforce Integration at the Stroke Rehabilitation Centre

Susan Thomas

Ceri-Ann Hughes

Sian Todd

Lisa Jenkins

Niki Turner

Cardiff and Vale University Health Board

The need to deliver 7-day stroke rehabilitation through an integrated multidisciplinary workforce was identified in staff engagement workshops. This project aimed to provide patient-centred, focused rehabilitation and enhanced ward activity, over 7 days, by trialing the role of Rehab Assistant (RA).


The RA role was trialed with a group of 15 patients (yellow team) over 8 weeks. RAs received training from each of the therapy disciplines to enhance their knowledge and skills in the delivery of rehabilitation programs. 6 RAs working a 7 day job plan provided rehab input and activities every day. 16 student volunteers were also recruited to assist in running activities.

Service Improvement Outcomes

Introduction of the RA role has had a positive impact on the rehabilitation delivered at the centre.

Following this project, it is recommended that the RA role continues and is rolled out to the whole ward, with more detailed exploration of how the role fits into an integrated multidisciplinary workforce and implementation of an integrated tripartite leadership model.

Part of Cohort Bevan Exemplars 2015-16