Bevan Commission innovation programmes support and enable change makers to transform health and care services for all citizens in Wales and beyond.

From an Occupational Therapist providing more tailored support for victims of abuse, to an Obstetrician with an innovative idea for discussing contraception with new mums, our network of ambitious, bold individuals share a common ethos – to challenge the status quo, change the way they work, and champion better health and care.

Adopt and spread of innovation

Sharing our learning across Wales, the UK and globally with support, guidance and showcases.

Our Covid-19 response

The Bevan Commission has applied the expertise available through its Bevan Commissioners, Bevan Advocates, Bevan Exemplars and Bevan Fellows to best effect for people in Wales and wider afield.

Man in black crew neck with mask.

Intensive Learning Week

Challenge, change and champion for better health and care