Distance Aware

A national initiative to enable individuals and organisations to politely prompt ongoing distancing and respect of individual social space.

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Get There Together Videos: Distance Aware

People have reported loss of skills and confidence during the COVID pandemic. Get There Together Videos aim to encourage people to reengage with their community safely. They focus on areas across our communities that have changed as a result of COVID-19 safety measures such as hospitals and shops, highlighting safe distance markings on floors, hand sanitiser points, reduction in waiting areas, screens, masks, one-way systems. The videos will also re-familiarise people with locations in their local communities, this includes parks, attractions and the high street.

Get There Together Videos give people an idea of what to expect and opportunity to rehearse beforehand, lessening anxiety, encouraging inclusion and reducing isolation. Get There Together resources will be launched in April.

Our Partner Organisations

Some of our work in the press and media

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