Reduce the risk

Bevan Advocates are working to help reduce the risk of Covid-19

What is ‘Reduce the Risk’?

Our Bevan Advocates want to support people to reduce the risk of Covid-19. They have created a series of short videos, along with promoting simple, clear messages.

The Bevan Advocates, many of whom themselves have been shielding throughout Covid-19 lockdown, have shared their experiences of living through the pandemic, along with their thoughts and experiences on returning to life after lockdown. They want to use these experiences to support the public in continuing to #ReduceTheRisk

How can I get involved?

​You can join in with the project on social media, using the hashtags #ReduceTheRisk #BevanAdvocatesRaiseTheirVoices

Watch out for our short films and messages and keep in touch.

​This project supports the work by Bevan Exemplar Dr Helen Iliff, who is leading the Distance Aware campaign – find out more about the badges, lanyards and posters available to support social distancing on the Distance Aware webpage.

​If you are interested in becoming a Bevan Advocate, please click here for more information.

Portrait of Barbara Chidgey
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The Bevan Advocates are continuing to raise their voice and this week, as shielding goes on pause, they are launching a campaign entitled #ReduceTheRisk. The idea came from Rob Griffiths, one of our Advocates. The campaign supports relevant Welsh Government guidance about us all moving forward in different ways, whilst doing so safely. At the same time, it is offering encouragement and support to those who are feeling anxious about our coronavirus scenario. Initially we are beginning with a basic social media campaign, endorsing the message of #ReduceTheRisk and also that this is everybody’s responsibility.

Barbara Chidgey

Bevan Advocate