Automating Thermoluminescent Dosimetry (TLD) Badge Distribution to Improve the Radiation Monitoring of Individuals working with and Around Radiation.

George Morris

The Project

This project aims to implement a system to accurately monitor the collection and return of TLD badges within a department which requires individuals to work with or around ionising radiation.

How this will be achieved

The system involves scanning the barcode on the TLD badges into a computer programme which records the name, role and date of scanning. These details are them compiled into a report to be viewed to identify any missing badges and who has not returned their badges. There is scope to expand the system to send email reminders to staff members when it is time to return or collect their badge to try and reduce the number of late collection or returns.

Anticipated benefits

The accurate collecting and returning of TLD badges mean that the time frame for any investigation into dose limit breaches is narrowed down, more effective investigations can be performed and allows rapid implementation of processes to reduce the risk of dose breaches in the future. These investigations can outline errors in equipment and PPE wearing and interventions can lead to a safer service for the patients and a safer working environment for staff. Individuals accompanying patients for their investigations must wear a badge so their doses can be closely monitored especially for those who return multiple times with the same patient. Each unreturned or lost badge carries a fine which must be paid for by the department, therefore accurate tracking of badges can significantly reduce the financial burden on the department and allow these funds to be reinvested into other areas of the department.