Chronic pain management resource development and evaluation

Dr Katy Knott, Consultant Clinical Psychologist
Grevin Jones, Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist
Ruth Burgess, Clinical Nurse Specialist
Chronic Pain Service East

Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board


Individuals accessing BCUHB Chronic Pain Service East have often received little guidance, support or practical measures relating to managing pain prior to accessing the service. The service currently has lengthy waiting times for assessment and intervention.

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Evidence suggests a worsening in wellbeing, mood, physical presentation and increased reliance on medication are associated with increased waiting times. The service therefore identified that improving access to self-management resources during the waiting time was fundamental. To address this we undertook a pilot project integrating the Education for Patients Programme for chronic pain (EPP) into our secondary pain service referral pathway.

Project Aims

Our aim for the project was to:


Our project evolved during the course of the Exemplar Programme. Our initial aim was to develop a range of high quality, bilingual resources to meet the needs of the local population.

During the course of the project we identified EPP as a key resource and therefore our project focus moved towards integrating EPP into our referral pathway. This Bevan Exemplar was an accelerated programme, which left very little time to plan, undertake the pilot project, in particular recruitment and evaluating outcomes.

Key Outcomes

These include:

Patient Feedback

“It enabled me to set goals and realise that tasks don’t have to be completed in one go but can be broken into manageable steps”

“It gives more options”

It definitely helps in identifying problems and finding solutions to deal with it”

“It helped me remember to do my exercises”

“I now practice relaxation most days”

“It kept me focused”

“Some of it I found useful”

“There was nothing I didn’t know already”

Next Steps

Our Exemplar Experience




A learning process”

“Opened doors to supportive networks”


Dr Katy Knott and Team: Integrating Self-Management Interventions into Patient Experience