Developing an Interdisciplinary One Health Education Package

Marc Robert Davies

Background to the Project

The Chief Medical Officer for Wales Special Report (2021) recommends that following the collaborations developed both before and during the pandemic, Wales should adopt a One Health approach to sustainable development as part of the response to threats from climate change, zoonoses, antimicrobial resistance, as well as food and water safety and security. There is an opportunity for One Health approaches to complement existing partnerships as well as create new partnerships on system-wide issues that cross the human-animal-environmental interface, integrating multiple disciplines across the system and bringing together partners to work on issues that intersect these domains.

The Project 

To develop, deliver and evaluate a One Health education package aimed at introducing and embedding One Health concepts to undergraduate medical, veterinary and environmental health students.

How this will be achieved

This project will apply the One Health approach in undergraduate professional education, integrating undergraduate teaching with medical, veterinary and environmental health students where possible. This has been made possible with a new veterinary degree established at Aberystwyth University (with the Royal Veterinary College). This will involve establishing links with undergraduate courses in order to develop, deliver and evaluate the education package and then develop a set of recommendations for the next steps.

Anticipated benefits

  • Improved knowledge and skills of professionals on the One Health approach and health issues that span the human-animal environmental interface
  • Improved collaboration of medical, veterinary and environmental health professionals
  • Increased resource efficiency as a consequence of interdisciplinary teaching and strengthened collaborative practice
  • Strengthened collaborative practice leading to improved service user / patient experience, due to a more seamless service to the public on issues that span the human-animal-environmental interface e.g. avian influenza outbreaks, engaging with the public on the health impacts of climate change, addressing health issues around the food system etc.