Integrated Health and Social Care Support Worker Project

Rhian Dawson; Linda Williams; Victoria Prendiville; Sian Fox; Sarah Cameron; Gail Jones; Teresa Williams; Linda Morgan; Terri Larkin; Trish Mathias-Lloyd

Hywel Dda University Health Board


This project seeks to transfer healthcare related tasks to social care workers in care homes for older people which historically has been acknowledged to challenge organisational governance and legislation.

The project recognises that its success will be dependent on incremental delivery of small changes to traditional care management in order to ensure prudent health principles such as ‘do no harm’ and ‘only do what you can do’ are adhered to.

The project seeks to deliver quality assured, competency based training to the Health & Social Care workforce in Carmarthenshire. The project has utlised Hywel Dda’s EAGLE (Excellence, Assurance and Governance in a Learning Environment) to provide clinical governance assurance, ensuring the project was developed in a safe and effective way.

The EAGLE Framework provides assurance to all staff, clients/patients and their families that the care is delivered by competent and confident staff. Agored Cymru have accredited the training which has resulted in improved staff morale and team working and critically, client focused care and improved outcomes.

Project Scope

The scope of the project has not been limited. The Project Board will consider any proposals that meet the overarching aims of this project. Each agreed proposal will be developed into a workstream with appropriate individuals allocated to develop and implement. Each workstream will have its own Risk Log and Progress Plan.

The first phase of the project was to develop transfer of skills around non-complex would care management. This was successfully delivered in one of the residential care homes in Llanelli and evaluated.

The project demonstrated 50% reduction in community nursing interventions in relation to non-complex wound care at the residential care home. The project now has two operational workstreams:

Home Enteral Tube Feeding (HETF) via Gastronomy at three disability daycare and respite settings within Carmarthenshire.

Further workstreams have been agreed in 2016/17 in addition to the two above. These are Continence Care & Care to MOve training across our Health and Social Care workforce in residential care.

This Project Supports Prudent Healthcare

In terms of Prudent Healthcare, the project embodies all the prudent health care principles by its very nature.

Anticipated Benefits

Patient Safety:

Patient Experience:

Patient Outcomes:

Staff Morale:



Motivation for the project – Why this project?