National Occupational Health Service for Primary Care and Human Resource & Organisational Development Service for Primary Care

Shanti Karupiah

Background to the Project

For our nation to survive we need a fit healthcare workforce. We need to look after the people who are looking after us. The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the health inequalities faced by Primary Care Team. Being at the frontline, we are faced with undue risk while helping to care for our patients. At the moment we do not have a dedicated Occupational Health Service for the Primary Care Team. The needs and demands in Primary Care are different to Secondary Care. We bring healthcare closer to our patient’s homes by doing home visits, providing Nursing Home care, running various clinics in our community and driving around while providing many of these service as part of our service provisions.

The Project

The proposal is to have a National Occupational Health Service tailored for Primary Care Team and to scope out a plan for Human Resource and Organisational Development for Primary Care.

How this will be achieved

To engage with our local and national occupational healthcare team for NHS, with the hope that we can model a plan of delivery of this service, for Primary Care Team. To work with the NWSSP to scope the logistics.

Anticipated benefits

This service will definitely improve healthcare outcomes for the Primary Care Team, which in turn will improve the care received by the service users and their experience. This service will certainly lead to better use of resources and staff skills and experience.

The service might help to attract and retain workforce. This will embed a compassionate and inclusive culture in an area that is becoming increasingly multidisciplinary and to ensure an adaptive workforce. This service will provide accountability for the workforce in Primary Care.