On your Bike

Anna Pyrtherch

Background to the Project

Obese children grow into obese adults, with action needed to address health and well-being of individuals from an early age. This project targets young children, primarily between 14 and 25 years old, with the intention of not only engaging activity in the static bikes, but also raising awareness of outdoor physical activity, its benefit and impact on wellbeing. The project is intended to be fun, whilst also addressing serious issues such as obesity, health, inactivity and environmentally friendly energy production.


The Project

The project seeks to increase physical activity in young people by innovative incentivisation. The project will monitor use of power-generating bikes (hand and spin) at 4 locations in Ceredigion and take wellbeing measures on users to see if usage can be linked to wellbeing benefits.


How this will be achieved

A consultation with over 300 young people has already been undertaken to ascertain their views of using these power-generating bikes and also the types of bikes they would prefer to use and favoured locations. We have also sought to identify people to volunteer to participate in the active research phase.


A minimum of 20 volunteer users will be proactively engaged with to support research on the value and impact of using these power-generating bikes. These users will download an App to their mobile that records data on frequency and duration of usage, energy generation and sites used. Additional wellbeing measurements of the volunteers will be recorded to identify any correlation between usage and wellbeing.


Data on total use of the bikes will also be recorded, although anonymised and no wellbeing measures associated.


Anticipated benefits


  • Better health
  • Improved wellbeing
  • Raised awareness of outdoor physical activity, obesity and environmental issues