Reaching the ‘hard to reach’

Karen Sankey

Background to the Project

The Community Wellness Model is an innovative, integrated Health and Social Care approach focused on supporting the most vulnerable members of our society. The Community Wellness Company led by GP, Karen Sankey and Outside Lives led by Social Worker, Lucy Powell have formally partnered to develop and deliver the model.

Throughout their careers in the NHS and Social Care Karen and Lucy have witnessed time and time again the challenges faced by individuals in need seeking support and front line workers restricted by frameworks and red tape leading to some of our most vulnerable people slipping through the gaps of service provision.

The Project

The Community Wellness Model seeks to address these challenges and bridge the gaps between traditional public sector offers and the fantastic work being done by communities and third sector organisations. Working collaboratively with local partners we aim to work in communities living in poverty and connect with individuals, marginalised and vulnerable groups and those with complex needs to truly understand the challenges they face, their unmet needs and their dreams and aspirations to enable us to co-produce and co-deliver meaningful, bespoke activities, support and care to enable them to live well emotionally, psychologically, physically and spiritually.

How this will be achieved

Phase one of the model is to deliver Community wellness days in non clinical settings. These sessions will incorporate the learnings from the successes of the Community Care Hub in Wrexham, which Karen founded, in engaging and working with people who are homeless and rough sleeping and Lucy’s extensive success in co-production and community development.

Anticipated benefits

The sessions will offer:

  • Engagement through food, fun and friendship
  • Understanding through Community storytelling
  • Wellness by offering health and wellness checks and self care offers