TEC-Plus Package: An Advanced Training, Support & Resource Service to Support Clinical Decisions on ‘Digital by Default’

Gemma Johns

Project background

TEC Cymru have received a significant amount of national NHS Wales patient/staff feedback from users of a single digital service (Video Consulting), which consist of more than 50k participants across a wide range of methods. A clear need has been identified for additional digital training, support and evidence-based guidelines in some services for using digital healthcare, which are specific to their specialities. These guidelines would be developed, tested and evaluated with the support and guidance of clinical teams, and validated and peer-reviewed nationally over a period of time. 

The Project

The project aims to increase digital skills & improve clinical decisions by developing & robustly testing a new TEC-Plus package, which will involve advanced training modules, speciality specific toolkits, guidelines, one-to-one support, and more. This study would be tested using quality improvement methodologies and PDSA cycles. 

How this will be achieved

Anticipated benefits

The innovation would seek to contribute to the reduction of waiting times and improved patient care in 3 areas of concern within the COVID-19 recovery plan: 

1. Musculoskeletal Surgery Assessments 

2. Mental Health 

3. Bereavement Services (social care)